Thursday, August 23, 2007

Okay my mind is going

WOW i set this all up and forgot how to get back in here. Don't know if it is my age or my meds I'm on. Been a rough few months in our family...Mom is very sick with congestive heart failure and in and out of hospitals, care faculties and home. But through it all she has inspired new ideas and creations from us. Jamie is home now from Iraq and that makes her feel so much better. His newest baby was born while he was away and he will be headed to see her and his family soon. Megan and Charlie tied the knot and Jim left for college ..poor Beth I know she misses him. Lesley graduated and she is off to OSU! Wonder how the other Greens will handle one less Green in the house. Keelee got an awesome job with a great after school program and Kassy spent the summer learning new dances for yet another Quinceanera. Marty has been busy with his DJ business and Me well I've been working on new soaps and since i finally got my sewing machine back I am creating dolls ...dolls...dolls.

We started our business chats back up at and thanks to a wonderful idea from Elizabeth with we have a created a new **FREE** way to advertise and get our friends websites out there. If you check out her shoppe and look for the Just Doodlin' Around button you can see what we have going on.

I also used the past few months and joined etsy and I have a cool shoppe there. Come by and check it out

Well that's it for today Now that I remember my sign in I'll be blogging with the best of you from now on!

Remember to check out my websites and When you buy any 3 soaps get a 4th soap FREE!

wanna see my lastest soaps not even listed yet?