Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sorry it's been so long

WOW it has been a rough have of a year. Love my new Dr and she is trying hard to find a solution to the severe headaches and pain. So sorry I have not been blogging or creating. It's there in my head but just can't get it out.
I have been spending time working on learning things that will help me with my fibro and also learning to be totally Gluten Free since I have Celiac Disease.

It was a wonderful holiday happy Jeremy was home from Iraq and  spending time with his beautiful family in a new home. Oprah today is talking about our wonderful military families and those who come bach hurt or in caskets. If you get time to watch it will give you chills.

Keelee my beautiful oldest daughter has set her wedding date with Jesse for June 11, 2011. We are hoping to be the first in line to rent the Gabazo in Olde Town Carrollton for the services. Can't rent it til March 11s.

My youngest Kassy finished Paul Mitchell and passed phase 1 of her liscensing. Now she needs to take her practial and she will be set to gt into a salon.

Well I decided I have to make up one of the dolls in my head for spring... so off I go.

Hope to see you all soon and hears how you are all doing.
shweet potato dolls n patterns