Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's the weekend ! I am so happy

For the first time in a long time I am excited about the weekend! With the headaches gone and my GERD under control without meds, We can actually do some family things this weekend.
I just finished a new doll and started a line of ANNIE GRAMS so gotta do some work on them and update my Dandelion Darlings and Lemon Poppy Seeds shoppes too. I have 3 new soaps in the works that will be added to my etsy shoppe just in time for first Monday buy one get one free sale. ALL proceeds from our online shoppes go to Jasmine's fund.
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If you want to find out more about Kyani Sunrise and Sunset and how it can GREATLY improve your life and health check it out here

I am living walking proof that NO ONE had to live with pain!

Til next time:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

AFTER 5 years I am headache free!

This is amazing and I have to share it with anyone and everyone. Many of you know I have suffered from migraine type headaches on a daily bases for over 5 years. I have been to over 60 doctors and taken well over 100 meds to try to make the headaches stop as well as make my pain better. Audio immune diseases are many in my life from hypo-thyroidism to fibromyligia, from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) to horrible ugly burning psoriasis.2 weeks ago a friend brought me some Kyani Sunrise Juice and Sunset Omega 3 pills. I tried them cause what could it hurt. I did NOT expect to feel any different and why should I doctors have tried so many drug combos and nothing worked in the past.WELL I did feel better right way. AMAZING and from something that was not a medicine just simply something that was good for me.Well if you have read my blog from last week you know that my psoriasis is better and my sleeping is longer.Here is the latest update and amazing facts:Sleeping 8 hours a night (3 weeks ago it was 2 hours a night)Restless Leg Syndrome is GONE 100% gone and with no MEDS TOOLost 8 poundsI have energy in the mornings and want to get upNOT depressed anymore (This is huge for me!)And the most important this for me is LAST night at 7:35pm I lost my headache. For the first time in over 5 years I did not have a headache.I took my 3 pills last night and slept. When I woke up this morning I had a slight headache on the left side and 5 minutes after I took my Kyani Sunset it was GONE!I am so excited can you tell.Now I know this might not help everyone as we are all different but if you feel bad or have health issues Kyani is something you need to at least try out. You can check out my story and more info on Kyani and how to get a sample at you would like a sample and some info on Kyani just post a comment here or email me at I want YOU to love life the way I finally love life. It can only get better and better.SandiOH yes New soaps will be added soon and remember we are still donating 100% of OUR SALES to Jasmine's Fund.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Here is my new siggie

Sorry about that...NOTE TO SELF...use the IMG tag to have pictures show up in blogs.
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It's she a cutie!

Check out my new siggie

I am so excited. Carm at made up this cutie and she gave me okay to make her up as a dollie! Soon i will be opening a blog for Always Crafty 2 and will let ya know when we get it set up.

Week 3 on Kyani is wonderful. Sleeping more and more each night and my psorias is getting much much better. Another wonderful by product of this amazing juice and omega 3 pills is my hair is not following out like it usually does!
YIPPPPPPPE. can't wait to see what the dr says when i visit him this week. Check it out on my hubby's site

talk to you tomorrow. Gotta get that counter fixed says no one is visiting but we know you are :)

Sandi, Sassy Kassy and Keelee

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's Thursday and Cloudy in Dallas

Looking outside it is cloudy and calling for storms here in Dallas. What's new seems like we have had more high winds and storms this year than the whole time I've been in Dallas. Good day to work on 36 soap bags and also some new doll babies.Can't wait have to show you the new marketplacesIf you like extreme prims check out up for the newsletter and you might win the Always Crafty 2 Doll that is shown on the front page.
If you like good ole primitive things check out Country Fried Primitives is a sign up for a giveaway there too.I'm working on 3 new CFP dolls for May 15!
And my favorite dolls lately are the Dandelion Darlings. If you like dolls check out
Again free giveaway all you have to do is sign up for the mailing list!
I am so excited I finally have more energy than I have had in a long time. I really think that Kyani is helping my body get normal. I slept for 8 hours last night and woke up this morning ready to tackle some soaping!So happy so happy!If you want to get health you have to check out this Kyani Sunrise and Sunset. 2 products that are helping me feel better every single day.My husband believes in this product and is now telling others about the change he has seen in my life. Check it out at
Here is our newest soaps we will be adding to sassysoapsnsuch tonight and etsy this weekend... Smells soooo yummmy!Apple Turnover Goat Milk Soap
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I think I finally found something to help with my...

I am so excited I cannot tell you how much. About 2 weeks ago a friend of mine brought over something for me to try. As many of you know I have a lot of audio immune diseases and add to them constant migraines for years on end. I also have severe dry skin and psoriasis. I use my goat milk soap and that helps a lot but I still have this horrible psoriasis. I'm sure if I could sleep more than 2 hours a night that would help too. Well back to this "stuff" I tried. Let me tell you I went into trying this thinking it is not going to help me at all. I've been on so many different meds in the past 6 years and they haven't helped so why would this.
Well I was gladly wrong.

I was given Kyani Sunrise (Juice) and Kyani Sunset (Omega 3 Tocotrienols. I drink one oz of the Kyani Sunrise juice with breakfast and take 3 of the Kyani Sunset pills with dinner. I started the combo almost 2 weeks ago. I only had a sample of the pills so I only got to use them for 1 week. In that first week I started to sleep more... 4 hours at least each night. And my psoriasis which was itchy and red calmed down. Okay that is awesome but maybe it is just the end of a flair up. So after I finished the 1st week I did not take any more. Well the second day off of the Kyani I was again only sleeping for 2 hours and in extreme agony with my psoriasis on my legs. So I started the juice again and it is much better. Last night I returned to using both sunrise and sunset and for the first time in over 5 years I slept from 12 midnight to 7:15 this morning. I was so excited and I know it has to be the Kyani.
I took pictures of my legs earlier this week and I will continue to take a picture a week to see the progression. I also have suffered from RLS Restless Leg Syndrome. Last night my hubby noticed NO more jerky legs in the bed. That was something I had not noticed had stopped.

Wow after less than 2 weeks on Kyani I sleep better, LRS is no longer, psoriasis is much better and oh yes I HAVE LONGER NAILS! That has to be the most amazing thing. Because of my psoriasis my nails don't grow long and when they do they are so brittle and break. Mine are nice and long now and in fact I have to cut them because it is hard to type.

Check back and I'll keep you updated on how things are going. My dr will be so pleased I've even lost 5 pounds! Now Keelee and Marty are going to get started on Kyani! I know grandpa will have to try this too.

Special thanks to everyone who has donated or made purchases for Jamsine’s fund. In sales alone we have raised over 75.00 in the first weekend.
Thanks so much
Sandi, Keelee and Sassy Kassy

Friday, April 11, 2008

An angel in need...

Hi everyone we wanted to tell you about this little angel that goes to Sassy Kassy's high school here in Dallas. This family needs help and we want to try to help them if we can.

Always Crafty 2 and Sassy Soaps N Such will be donating 100% of all our sales April 10 - May 30 to Jasmine Soriano fund here in Dallas. Jasmine is a senior at WT White High School here in Dallas.

Jasmine Soriano, one of our Seniors has been diagnosed with Cancer. She comes from a single parent home and has a 9 year old sister.

Jasmine is currently in the hospital and her family is incurring a lot of medical bills. Her mother has returned to work recently, but is struggling to be in two places at one time and trying to take care of her family.

The community and our student body, particularly the Class of 2008 has done a remarkable job of responding to their classmate’s needs with their generosity and caring. As always I am proud to be part of this school and community. Jasmine is a wonderful young woman. She came to our school speaking very little English, but has worked hard and is currently enrolled in several AP classes.

We also would ask that you add Jasmine and her family to your prayer list.

This week Jasmine’s mother opened a checking account at Washington Mutual Bank on the corner of Marsh and Forest so that contributions for Jasmin can be deposited there. Anyone is welcome to contribute monies to this account and can send their contributions directly to the bank to be deposited in the account in her mother’s name. The name on the account is Claudia Jimenez, with Jasmin as a beneficary.
The address to this bank is

If contributors would like to have a tax deductible receipt for their donations, please feel free to send monetary donations to one of three organizations at W. T. White and they will give you a receipt. Checks need to be made out to W. T. White Jasmin Soriano Fund. The address at the school is:
W T White High School
4505 Ridgeside Dr.

Dallas, TX 75244

These organizations will be issuing checks to be deposited to Ms. Jimenez’s account periodically. The organizations and their sponsors are:

Future Teachers – Ms. Gage

Key Club – Mr. Tjachyadi (Mr. T)

Baby Bulls – Ms. Syverson
Please note on the envelope for Jasmine Soriano fund and if you would like a tax deductible receipt for your donation include that with a note and your address.

We send our thanks to you for reading this and for all your prayers for this child and her family.
Sandi, Keelee, Marty and Sassy Kassy

Friday, April 4, 2008


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