Monday, December 28, 2009

We were blessed How about YOU?

This has been a strange but amazing year. Although my family's health as not been the best from skin cancer to ALS... from strokes to depression,,, One thing we did have and that is family. This holiday season has been the best for me personally in a whole lot of years. It began on December 23 with Evie and all "my" family. It was so wonderful to look around the room and see my siblings, thier husbands and wives. I loved looking at all the children and grand children there in the rooms and running around. There were so many faces old and young you just wanted to grab and hugs each one!

Then Christmas Eve came. Hubby got off early and came home to help me wrap and get into the Christmas spirit. Leave it to Marty and Starbucks to make the headache manageable. As the afternoon went on we notices white flakes falling from the sky. The weatherman forecasted snow, but you know how that is...hit or miss and even if it snowed it would not stick as we hit 75 on Evie. Well stick it did and icy to boot! Slow going to get to "Grandma's House" but we did and we enjoyed the holiday with half the family.
God took home a special man in Jae and Tony's life earlier in the week and so he was rested on Eve.

IT makes no difference if you are born of blood or born of friendship,
We are all one big happy family.

Christmas Morning bloomed with all it's white snowy brightness and was truely indeed filled with wonder.
Santa came to visit me very unexpectedly.
He brought my grandsons to visit and more.

Remember "Santa" does listen when you ask for your Christmas Blessings. He filled all of mine above and beyond.
Here's wishing each and everyone of you ,my friends, a Wonderful and Exciting 2010!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Did you know hugs can come from far away and heaven too

After having a hard day it is always wonderful to get a hug from someone you love. When you get that hug from far away and beyond you know you are truely blessed.

Bet you are wondering about the beautiful cardinals... Monday was a hard day for me. Starts off with my H1N1 shot which was not to bad in itself (free made it not hurt so much), then off to the dr to see why my memory is so holey and not in the good way either :) The pain in not only my back and legs but right side of the head is much worse and at the worse time, the holidays. When I look through my left eye everything appears not really foggy but more like a crystal effect which could be pretty since it looks like icy but scary since it's not cold and snowy here in Dallas. So I drag my tired old body to see Dr Kazi who agrees it is trouble some that my left side drags ( thought is was being old) and the eye sight is off (again now just age) and the memory laspes are not something I should be getting at 50. Signs of a past stroke are bearing their ugly old heads. So MRI is scheduled but for when????

I go home for a hug from my baby Kassy and when Daddy comes home he assures me we will get through this like we have everything else together. We head to the only mom I have left here on this Earth...Marty's Mom. We get to the house and drop off some food for the holidays and have a nice visit with mom and Marty's sister. Been a rough year with family issues but they don't matter now... Family is the only important thing.

Marty says I have a package and I see it is from my BFF way over in Missouri. We have never met in person but have become soul mates via the internet. Marty opens the package to a sweet note from my dear Angie and her family. Inside is an unexpected wrapped gift. The gift is wrapped is beautiful cardinal fabric. Hugs from Mo just in the wrapping... Once it is carefully unwrapped by my sweet hubby it unveils not only a beautiful gift but hugs from beyond our world. Inside this carefully cardinal wrapped gift was a figurine exactly like my granny had in her home. I truely believe this was the reason my momma loved cardinals and insisted we have them on our Christmas trees each least one.
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So in giving of her heart to me all the way from Winston, Mo to Dallas, TX,my beautiful friend brought me love and hugs not only from her and her family but also from my granny and momma who have passed on. This simple gift taught me to look for love in small things and gifts come in many ways and for many reasons. Our good Lord knows when we need them and he makes sure we receive them.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

YES I have been shweetened!

OH my Shweet Tooth has been soothed. Look at this cutie from Carm with Shweet Potato Designs.
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I am one again inspired.
Thanks Carm

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For that special Sports Fan in Your Life

This has been a long year for many of us and if you are like my family you are ready for 2009 to roll into a bright and beautiful 2010. My husband and I are huge fans of all sports and we have collected quite a few autographed items in our 20+ years together. We decided that it is time for some other Football Fan to hold this beautiful Joe Montana Autographed Football in their hands and home. This signed ball has only been out of the felt bag 3 times and so we decided to put it up on eBay this week.

If you have a fan in your life who likes Joe Montana this would be the perfect gift this year. We have it listed on eBay as an auction item but will take offers via our email address if anyone is interested in making an offer, other than what it is listed for, as long as their are no bids on eBay. There is one watcher at this point

If you like to sew or craft with fabric please check our eBay listing as I have so much fabric I must share with others. The fabric listed has free domestic shipping in the USA and has been stored in Rubbermaid tubs to keep it clean and fresh. No lie, I have as much fabric as many small quilt shoppes do. One could say I am a fabricholic.... I can't walk past the fabric section without having to buy some. Sad but true and it is taking over my life.
So if you are interested in some of our fabrics and other crafting items check eBay as I am adding to the listing each day as I am able. You can see all our eBay listings HERE.
We send warm Holiday Wishes from our Family to Yours.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stocking Stuffers WE HAVE THEM!

It's that time of the year when you are looking for gifts for teachers, freinds, co-workers maybe stocking stuffers! Well come by one of our many shoppes and check out all the fun items that would be just perfect for your holiday gift giving!
Sassy Soaps N Such has lots of fun soaps like our Fudgecicle Soap

Or how about fun gag gifts of Reindeer or Snowmen Poop
YES and you can even eat it!

Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso

Dark Chocolate Covered Large Raisins
Vanilla Yogurt Covered Raisins

You choose the flavor and Reindeer or Snowman Graphics
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You can find this fun stocking stuffers in our Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns Store
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Hope to see ya soon and we want to wish each of you a very Happy Holiday!