Thursday, July 30, 2009

Looking forward to August

Hard to believe that August is only a couple of days away!

WOW! In one month Kassy starts the next part of her life... Cosmetology Career Center in Carrollton will be her home for the next year! Then she will be on her way to her Career and she also wants to go to Community College while she is working.
I am so proud of her.
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If you shoppe online and like well made hand crafted creations you need to vist ETSY.
I wanted to tell ya about a friend of mine who recently opened up her Etsy shoppe. Angie's Raggedy Patch. We have been BF online for a good while now and one day I do intend to meet in person. Angie just opened up her shoppe on Etsy and could use some love (hearts mark her as your favorite). You can find her shoppe HERE. She is just starting to add creations to her shoppe and right now but come by and heart her and come BACK for more.

While you are at Etsy you can come by MY shoppe and visit too. Sassysoapsnsuch! We just added new Patterns and e-patterns to our shoppe and we have LOTS Of Dolls, ornies and soaps of course and more to be added soon.

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August 1-7 Please come by eBay and search for AB4B Autism. You will find many wonderful creations for all occassions and the best thing is that all the artsits are donating some or all of the proceeds to different Autism Charities Worldwide. I will be back to post a direct link to all the auctions on August 1. Remember the auctions won't be over on the 7th that just means there will be some auctions starting on the 7th of August.

I wanted to show off a couple of listings to come up on eBay for the special charity auction.
From country*dragonfly
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You will be able to find more at the AB4B Blog called Beauties 4 Bloggin Please come by and follow the Beautie's Blog and you might be the winner of a prize this month. Plus you get first hand knowledge when we are updating and holding giveaways and other fun things!

Well July is almost over so I better get myself over to the sewing machine and get to sewing but one little thing before I head off..........
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Christmas in July is still going on so come over to my booth and the whole show and see what you can get now for later in the year. I also have all my patterns in my booth so you can make some of your own Shweet Dolls and Loopy the Turkeys. You can find my booth HERE.
Check out all the BOOTHS!

HAVE a Shweet Day and we will see ya on the last day of July!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Guns and Shweet Dolls

Had a blast the past 2 days. Headed to the gun show in Mesquite for some "us" time just me and the hunny. The gun show as a blast. Big enough to have plenty to see but not to big as to be over crowed. The AC was pumping and so were the guns and rifles. After searching for about 3 hours and most likely handling every gun in the joint we found me a 22 Pistol. While I was there I ran into this gal who makes the most AWESOME cowgirl attire. The jewlery was beautiful from stones to metals. The belts were covered in bling and have to say wish i was Kassy's size to wear some of the tees she had!

You can see some of her creations on her online store but she assures me there will be more added all the time. Split Skirts & Side Saddles is the place to visit if you are ever close to Terrell Texas. Her address is 404 W Moore Ave Terrell Texas. Now her website can be found here....

My understanding is she heads out to alot of the Rodeo Shows around here so if you are at a Rodeo look for her booth.

Today we took my new pistol and headed to the gun range. WOW! I've been shooting with the 22 rifle but I do SO LOVE the 22 pistol. Just for fun I shot off ONE round from Marty's 9m HHigh Point and let's just say I will leave the BIG GUNS to him. I also learned that If you don't hold the gun up high enough the casing can rickashade off the wall and hit you in the neck. Hot shell casings do STICK to skin and they do burn! Told Marty I know have my "battle scar".

Had a blast... Although I do wonder... If I am deaf and I wear ear plugs in the range and can still "hear" the blasts...what do hearing people hear with thier ear plugs in.

Dang it was loud or maybe it was the feelings from the guns. BUT MAN IT IS SURE FUN and a great way to get rid of the stress from the week!
And don't ya know shooting round of ammo off gave me inspiration for several new dolls!
So off to work on some patterns and dolls
Gotta to post the bingo words for Rusty Tin Roof
Have a Shweet Day!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Many Many Angels...

At first I came in here to show you a new doll I created today but decided instead I wanted to share a poem my neice blessed us with at my father-in-law's Rosary last summer. It seems the older I get the more folks we loose. I realize it is a fact of life and many of these folks are going on to a much better place, But it still hurts.

Today a dear friend lost someone very important in her life and the life of her family. Although I did not know this man personally, I knew him through my dear friend Angie. Angie and I met online and have never seen each other face to face, but she is one of my dearest friends. I know that her family is mourning the loss of their dear friend but know that one day they will see each other again. Just hearing about Don and what he did with his life inspite of his illness made me see life in a whole new way. To read more about his amazing man check out Angie's Blog

I Am Always With You

When I am gone, release me, let me go.
I have so many things to see and do,
You mustn’t tie yourself to me with to many tears.
Be thankful we had so many good years.
I gave you my love, and you can only guess
How much you’ve given me in happiness.
I thank you for the love that you have shown,
But now it is time that I travel alone.
So grieve for me a while, if grieve for me you must
Then let your grief be comforted by trust
That it is only for a while that we must part,
So treasure the memories within your heart.
I won’t be far away for life goes on.
And if you ever need me, Call and I will come.
Though you can’t see or touch me, I will be near
And if you listen with your heart, you’ll hear
All my love around you soft and clear
And then, when you come this way alone,
I’ll greet you with a smile and a “Welcome Home”

~Writer Unknown~

This is for all those new Angels..... Remember they DO come back to visit us all you have to do is be open for their visits and welcome them with open hearts.

Important Facebook info

Important information.
Please do this. Facebook has agreed to let a third party advertisers use your posted pictures without your permission.
Go to your facebook account
click on SETTINGS up at the top where you see the log out link.
select PRIVACY.
then select NEWS FEEDS AND WALL.
next select the tab that reads FACE BOOK ADS.
there is a drop down box, select NO ONE.
then SAVE your changes.

Your pictures will be safe this way.....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Come Shoppe Christmas in July

It is hotter than everything in most places around here but It is JULY and that means time for Christmas in JULY. I think CIJ was started as a way for folks to cool down in their heads and hopefully cool down in their homes. IT's a fun time to get some holiday shopping done and maybe grab a few gifts for yourself too.

Below are a list of Folks I know who are holding Christmas in July Shows in their websites or marketplaces.

Click on their name to visit their shoppe...tell them Shweet Sandi sent ya! AND have a cool time!

Prim By Design- She has 3 of the cutest new patterns and more

Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns- Holiday Dolls and Patterns and more

Sweet Treats Dolls- Some of the cutest Dolls I've seen

Cinna Minnies Solid Cinnamon Collectibles - The BEST Smellin' Dolls and Collectibles

Country Fried Primitive Marketplace- Always Crafty 2 Booth

The Country Rose- Handpainted ornies and more! Breathtaking beauty!

Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace- Always Crafty 2 Booth

Seasonal Touch - For Christmas YEAR ROUND

Primitive Kountry- FOR WAXED Dipped Toilet Paper!!!

Artistic Glass Decor & More- Beautiful Booth- Check out the Autism Ornie!

So much more to come and tomorrow I will show off some of the Christmas in July on eBay

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PIF or Pay It Forward Wednesdays

In my family we have adopted PIF Wednesdays. Each of us does one or more things on Wednesdays to help out others in a little way.This Wednesday I would love to PIF to you prim gals in you may choose ONE of my e-patterns to receive for FREE. This offer is open to EVERYONE til MIDNIGHT tonight. Just email me at with your choice of e-pattern and I will email it back to you. You can find them at on my website Always Crafty 2 under e-patterns or Click Here.

I would also love to challenge each and every one of you out there to pick a day of the week and you and your family do something nice for someone when they totally don't expect it.

It has been such and blessing and you don't have to spend money either. Last week I took a note upstairs to the LOUD Neighbors and Just said HI Hope you and your family are having a nice and wonderful summer. I had my mil translate it to Spanish and did not sign it. Just left it on the little clip by their front door. I don't know if they acted on it or not but it has sure been a lot less stomping and noice from up there.

Love to hear from any of your PIF days

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Come Shoppe and Help A FRIEND

I have a very dear and sweet Internet friend who's hubby just lost his job.

I'd love to share her story and hope that you will visit her shoppe and start your holiday shopping a tad bit early this year.

Here is some info on Connie and one of her etsy shoppes:

My name is Connie. I am a WAHM of a sweet little girl named Ashley. We both love to craft so I decided to start this shop for me and Ashley to list our latest creations such as key fobs, earrings, I.D. lanyards, and more. Her etsy shoppe is

or look for Ashley's Trinkets under user names.

You can also find Connie's Primitive works on Etsy under Dry Branch Primitives
It's July and that means CHRISTMAS IN JULY and what better place to start your holiday shopping AND help out a wonderful family!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Nekked Dollie Swap Today is the Last Day to sign up

NEKKKKKED DOLLLLLLLLIE SWAP! This swap is going to be so much fun!

Want to get in on it? Today Friday the 17th is the last day to sign up to swap NEKKKKKED DOLLIES!

Here is the scoop:

Okay...we, in Ol Country Home forum, have decided to host a Nakie Dolly Swap/Challenge on Blogger, hopefully more people will participate this way, and we will get some interest in our forum as well.....

Sign ups are from tonight, thru next Friday..July 10-17if you are interested please email me : PLEASE put "Nakie Swap" in the subject line..
I will need:Mailing name and address, and if you would be willing to ship outside of the USA or from an other country to USA..
What this will entail: YOU sew a dolly body..minimum size is 8 inches, Maximum is 14 inches..
You must sew it out of muslin or a similar fabric..the body must include: head, arms, feet, all sewn,and stuffed.. NO GLUING please..
This dolly will be naked, and left to the other person you send her to for decoration, dresses, etc..All you will send is the dolly body, nothing else.
Please package her nicely, and include a small note for your swap recipient.. Dolly's must be sent with delivery Confirmation..or some sort of tracking number so we can find her if need be.
Once everyone gets her swap partner, I will then post the date we will all be sending them..this will probably be a 2 week limit, to make the dolly, stuff and ship..then you will email me as you receive the dolls, with a picture of the naked one you received..I will email all of the details to you as we go along..after everyone has finished putting the details on her dolly, another 2 week goal, we will all share our pictures once again..
After this, I will put up a voting poll, for most original, most prim, and best all prizes, but fun to see who will win!!!
I may have one of my graphic friends help me with prizes, that could be fun!!Anyhow, let's have some fun with this...the more the merrier...Please, as with all swaps, if you cannot commit the time, please do not sign up :) Blessings, Diana

Monday, July 13, 2009

Shweet Halloween Fairy

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It was so hot today in Dallas 105 at least so I stayed inside and worked on Fall and Christmas creations. You can find the Shweet Halloween Fairy for sale at our Shweet Potato Dolls Blog with FREE shipping in the USA.

Tomorrow we will be adding new creations to our Lemon Poppy Seeds Booth AND our Country Fried Primitives Booth. ALL CHRISTMAS IN JULY Creations!

If you like to create your own dolls check out our patterns in our Always Crafty 2 Website. Free Fabric Sailor Hat e-pattern with every pattern purchase through August!
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Til tomorrow.....

Friday, July 10, 2009

Come Play Online BINGO

Come over to the Rusty Tin Roof Blog and get your words and play ONLINE BINGO! IT's fun and a prize will be given away to the winner too.
Where do you get the words and info on HOW to play BINGO?
Visit Rusty Tin Roof Blog

OR if you have not downloaded the newest issue of the ezine pop over to Rusty TIN Roof and download your free copy now. The dates for playing BINGO Have changed ...JULY 14 is the last day to send in your words and JULY 15 we start calling words on the BLOG and inside the Juction.

Bingo Games are always fun to play so get your words in NOW!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Red.......Ranger RED

Come vote for Ian.....------------------>>>>>>>>>

Red is the new Black...Ranger RED

Red White and Blue Make Do Challenge

OH We had fun this month in Ol Country Home! Chris with Between Friends challenged us to use a rusty bed spring and create something themed towards red, white and blue.
So I made a fun Pin Keep...
Come by eBay and check it out. It would be perfect for you sewers out there or for folks who love to decorate in the Ameciana Style
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Well time for bed...... Tomorrow I have some soaps to create and a Shweet Reindeer Doll to finish