Friday, August 29, 2008

Sept 1 Contest!

Couple of my online freinds and I are running a fun contest begining Sept 1 and ending on Sept 30.

I am so excited cause the winner of this contest will receive a $10.00 Gift Certificate from each of the the 8 shoppes who are playing. Make sure to come back on Sept 1 to get all the lovely details here!

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fall is in the air....come meet my sisters

I love the fall! I love creating exciting things for all the season long. Please meet Gladya the Ghoulish Witch and her sister Paula the Pumpkin Queen. Both dolls were created using a pattern by Denni Doodles
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When the sisters were finished and waiting patiently for their photo section Mom got side stepped and created on more really batty run cone for my door.

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The bat and the sisters were now waiting for me to take their pictures for Dandelion Darlings but I had to make one more little teentsy stop....
There was an extreme Primitive Pumpkin Witch just casting a spell in my bedroom and she insisted on having her picture add to the Lemon Poppy Seeds Shoppe.
So of course she had to be first in line above all the darlings for dandelion.
Well her she is in all her uglyness
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Tomorrow we are making more fall cookie soaps to add to the fall goodies~
Sleep tight and dream of these goodies......Image Hosting by

See ya on the other side

Monday, August 18, 2008

Check out the Ice Cream Scoops

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Don't these soaps look yummmmmmmy! These are some of the soaps I created this weekend. Each scoop is 1 oz of goat milk goodness. The green and white ones are vanilla scented. Check out these chocolate and vanilla scoops...
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These were made for baby shower gifts but they got me thinking how perfect they would be as thank you gifts for teacher and orders. The label will have the name ex:
Vanilla Goat Milk and then we can add your link or name.
Just added these to our etsy shoppe and also to our Country Craft Show Booth

You can pick and choose what colors you want. I might make a batch of these up to drop off at the high school for a fun welcome back to the teachers. HUMMMM bet they would be cool in Orange and White.

Til next time