Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cinco De Mayo is right around the corner BUT there is still time to get your very own Carmen Shweet Potato Doll...
She is listed on eBay right now and with a Buy it Now she can be in the mail, on her way to your house in the morning.....
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Well time for bed for this ole lady... See ya tomorrow with some new Poppy dolls.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free Pattern For YOU

Hey everyone!!!!!!

It is never to early to create for Fall! Head over to this new blog Rusty Tin Roof and download your free Owl and Cat Ornie Pattern from Always Crafty 2. While you are there make sure to follow the blog so you can know when other free goodies are offered AND when the ezine is coming out!

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Special thanks to Becky with Mulberry Memories for converting my patterns to PDF. You can find Becky's patterns on her website
at Pattern Mart

and of course check out HER BLOG

Thanks Becky!!!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I need a NAME

I need a name...... My momma grew me this weekend but she just can't think of a name for me. Inspiration for me came from Carm with Shweet Potato Designs. You can what inspired my Momma to grow me at

If you can think of a name for me please post it here...... IF my Momma picks the name you suggested she will send you a prize.

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Sleepy Sunday and Wet Monday

I think I must have walked way to much for these olde bones on Saturday. Sunday I woke up barely able to stand but did make it to the recliner to sew on one doll. *I have 7 more to finish but one was all I managed.
Spent most of the day on pain meds and in deep sleep but Marty did bring in the laptop to show me the place we are going to go HOG HUNTING in the Fall. IT looks like it will be fun and a wonderful place just to sit and enjoy the creatures God created. It's in Mt Pleasant Texas which will be far enough away from a big city that one can see the stars.

Something to dream about and squirrel away money for.
Kassy is still studying hard for the SAT on May 2 and she hopes to get her scores up. BUT In the meantime she has such a natural ability towards hair designs and makeup so she is also looking into some of the local Cosmetology Schools. This week while the 10 and 11th graders take TAKS
we will be visiting 2 of the schools to check them out. Toni N GUY and CCC Paul Mitchell School.
Never hurts to have a couple schools on your list. She is thinking a head. Cosmetology school is 12-18 months and she can get her liscence and also work in that field while she attends college.
Smart thinking my kid is.

Well Monday is here and it is a wet one indeed. The apartments finally were ready to start re-modeling our section, a week late, and Now it rains. So guess that will be on hold again. Last week was beautiful all week long and no construction. OH well so it goes. Only been 2 years of waiting what is a couple more weeks. We need all the rain we can get to keep those wild fires away.
Well time for me to get that kid out of bed to head off to her day at school. Me? Well today is yet another Doctor visit. Seems like I see more doctors than friends in the past year. Hope this time we get some answers but if we don't we will just keep on searching. While I am waiting guess I could dress one of these nekkkkkkked dolls. They need to get some clothes on so they can get on eBay soon.
Wanna see the baby who I dressed on Sunday?
Meet Susan (YES she is a Black Eyed Susan Shweet Potato Flower Doll.)
Based on graphic by a wonderful artist Carm with Shweet Potato Designs
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I think I will make her up into a e-pattern. She would be fun to create in all styles all year long.
Well off to go to roll my baby out of bed. Wonder who will do it next year if she is at TWU????

Til later

Saturday, April 25, 2009

This little piggie went to market..........

It’s Saturday and we woke up to a beautiful Texas morning. Hopped out of bed and got ready to head to my first BIG Gun Show at Dallas Market Hall. Marty and I had our day all planned out. Go to the Gun Show then head to the Farmer’s Market for fresh veggies for the week. WELL, best made plans always seem to head in another direction don’t they? We pull into the parking lot at Market Hall and the line of folks heading into the show snaked all around the parking lot. NO LIE …there had to have been 500 people in line if not more. Well, turn the truck around and head to downtown Dallas to the Farmer’s Market. It was perfect!

The weather was nice and cool and not to many folks. We strolled around deciding on what we wanted and what I could eat. It was sure hard to pass up the fresh beef stake tomatoes but my stomach can’t handle them right now. RATZ! We did make 2 new friends while at the Market. Savory Sorbet and Round Rock Honey!
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Savory Sorbet grabbed my attention not just because it was something different I got to taste but because all the flavors of her sorbet where the same scents that I use in my soaps! Marty and I tried Lavender Sorbet and loved it. BUT the one I tried and had to take home with me (made it as far as the truck) was chamomile and orange. It not only tasted great it made my tummy feel good too. Linn Madsen is the owner and she visits several local Farmer’s Market with her sorbet. She has a website but it’s not up right now.
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The other treasure we found was local wildflower HONEY! I hate honey. Did not want to even taste it but man was I glad I did! Based in McKinney Texas this honey is made from bees who feast on our Texas wildflowers. Their website is beautiful and their honey is yummy! We brought some home with us and it was perfect in my mug of tea!

Now we did make it to the Gun Show and had a blast. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. Right now I need to go and finish my Hunter Joe and Jill Shweet Potato Dolls. They have been sitting nekkkkkked all day long and are asking for their hunting clothes to be made. Need to get the kids made up and listed so I can make me some money to book our first Hunting Trip. Marty and I want to head to East Texas to hunt our Thanksgiving Dinner….. We are planning a Hog Hunting Trip. More about that tomorrow.
Until then have a great night!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Createability ...Check us out on ETSY

Createability is a unique street team on Etsy that consists of all kinds of artists who have different types of disabilites. We use our differences to create wonderful and unique creations which we sell on the Handmade Site ...ETSY.

YOU can find us my typing in Createability in the Etsy Search Box under Tags or click here

PoppyRayeStudio offers some very unique jewelry
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I sure need some of these from MadeByMari

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This is a wonderful and amazing Team on Etsy so come by and check out all the artists!

Come by and check out the blog for Createability too

Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Monday Morning...Flowers are Bloomin'

Wow! It's a beautiful Monday morning here in Dallas, Texas. The sun is shinning bright and the air is slightly cool. Not to worry we should be close to 90 by Wednesday.

I took Chico out for a walk this morning and noticed all the beautiful landscaping our complex did last week. Funny thing is they are starting to remodel the outside of all our buildings today and I wonder what will happen to all the lovely landscaping they just completed??? Not to worry if all the flowers dissapear for a while I have created my own flowers to brighten my apartment.
I'd love to introduce you to Daisy and Marigold. Two of my newest Shweet Potato Dolls and soon to be an e-pattern so you can create your own little flower garden.
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These little flowers will be up for adoption on May 1 and 2 on eBay so check back then if you are interested in some flowers for your home.

Speaking of eBay..... One of my friends has created the most awesome looking muslin. Muslin like I have never seen before. Chocolate Muslin! YES it would be perfect for your ethnic dolls and for faux choclate foods. I would love to get me some and create some gingers using it.
You can find Becky's Chocolate Muslin under mulberrymemories on eBay or

While you are on eBay make sure to check out her eBay store Mulberry Memories Primitives

AND if you like to sew your own creations Becky creates a wonderful line of patterns that you can download instantly on Pattern Mart
Make sure you visit her little shoppe ....on the web..... Mulberry Memories
Perfectly Prim Pin Keep Mammy
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We want to wish to you a Happy and Wonderful Spring Day!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My baby is at her Prom

WOW where has 13 years gone too? Seems like just yesterday I was dropping her off for kinder and crying in the hallway...she didn't she went straight in and meet who was to become her best friend of 13 years. It was a wonderful day at a wonderful elementary cause I also meet my best friend Cecilia who is Kassy's best friend Krystal's mom.

13 years and 3 schools later the girls have remained tight as ever. Strange to think that after graduation on May 30 they will go their seperate ways. Krystal to Texas A&M and Kassy... well we are praying for TWU.
Today was so much fun...once again getting ready for the big dance but bitter sweet too.
Here are the best friends and their boyfriends who surprisingly named the same name..JOSE and they are best home boys too.
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Hard to believe my Sassy Kassy is all grown up....well she's 18 but on her way to becoming quite a beautiful and talented woman.
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One of the sad things about today is her grandpa is not here to be with her and wish her well. I reminded her that Grandpa is watching her from above. She did go and share her special day with her Grandma Sue
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And her God Mother...Aunt Linda
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Well it's 8:00 time for the prom so mom will just sit here and rememeber all the fun times we had together. I know she will get to enjoy the experience that I missed out on and can't wait to hear all the details in the morning.

Makes you want to go and hugs your little ones doesn't get? Go grab them and kiss them. Tell them it's because they won't be little for long.

Til Tomorrow..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Come VOTE please


Last month a community I am a member of called Ol Country Home decided to do a challenge where we each created a doll (OR MORE) using Carm with Shweet Potato Designs graphics for inspiration.
NOW the voting has started for best Carm Doll. I'd love to have you pop over and cast your vote. The poll is on Down Hidden Farm Lane's Blog

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You can check out Carm's Graphic Shoppe to see our inspiration!

I'll see if i can get the poll to list on here but until then hop over to Diana's blog and check out the poll. While you are there read her fun blog too!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Country Fried Primitive NEW ITEMS

HEY there are some really cool new creations at the Country Fried Primitives Marketplace today!

Come by and take a stroll through the shoppes. Almost everyone has new goodies just in time for Mother's Day and Birthdays. OH Remember end of the school year is soon too so get that special teacher a special gift.

I get emails all the time asking HOW to get into the Marketplace to shop. So just a little tip....when you get to the home page look for the Box down the page that says Artisian Directory and click there. YOU will go to the list of all our vendors. REMEMBER if you have not signed up for the mailing list do so now so you can get in on the freebie given away each month. YOU just need to be sure to look in your emails and junk mail for a note stating you are a winner from CFP. YOU must send in your address so the prize sponsor can send to your the monthly prizw.
The email will come from that month's sponsor email account.

WANTED to show off a couple of the new creations in my shoppe and in the Marketplace too.
Here is Chubby Annie- made with Doe Suede
Image Hosting by
And Cappuccino the Cat Doll- This doll is made to sit on your computer monitor or shelf. Small but ah so cute! NEW PRICE TOO!
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For MOM check out my Friend at Crows In the Attic
This is the perfect angel for any mom!
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Hope you come by and visit all the shoppes in the Marketplace...Hurry things tend to move fast on the 15th!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NEW Creations at Lemon Poppy Seeds

It's that time of the month! Updates on Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace! I have several new creations just in time for Mother's Day!
Come by and check them out!
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While you are there make sure to sign up for the mailing list! Some special person will win this perfectly prim doll very soon.
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Designed by Eva Ramsey of Pine Patch Primitives

Check in tomorrow to see what is going on in Country Fried Primitive Marketplace too!

Monday, April 13, 2009

IT only takes ONCE

Last night while watching the news at home my family received some very sad news. One of the students at our High School was killed early Sunday morning. Yes it was raining and the roads were slick BUT that was not the cause of the accident.....
DRINKING was the cause. As we sat and listened several times to the news report, Marty Kassy and her boyfriend Jose and I discussed how it only takes one time for you to get into a car with someone who is drinking. Only takes one time for your wonderful beautiful life to end.

Kimberly Martinez 16 was a sophomore at our High School. She was just starting life. In fact she had just left a friend's QuinceaƱera party (celebration of when a girl becomes a women in our Hispanic and Catholic traditions) when her life ended. Was she drinking? NO and neither was her boyfriend BUT the driver of the car had been drinking.
YOU can read more about this sad story

This just brings us to rememeber and remind our children each and every time they go out that it is never, ever a good thing to get behind the wheel if you have been drinking or get into a car with someone who has been drinking. I know we have told Kassy and her friends they can always call us. We will come and get them. NO Questions asked! NO shouting or anyone getting into trouble.

As we are reaching that time of the year where our High Schools hold proms, colleges hold formals we need to be especially mindful of the dangers out there on the roads. Watch not only the kids in your car but remember the person in the car behind to you... accross the medium might be drinking and driving. YOU have to watch out for them too.

As parents we worry everytime out child goes out. I worry everytime my husband is out DJing as wedding late at night. Not because he might have a drink but because of all the others who are out driving around after the clubs close. I know my girls are 18 and 21 and they are both "adults" but I will always worry about them. Sadly I admit that I drove drunk many times in my 20s and I am very lucky God was watching after me.

So please especially at this time of the year remind your children (no matter what age) that you will always be only a phone call away. You will pick them up and take everyone safely home. Remind them it only takes ONCE.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Shweet Potato Dolls are in the House

WOW this has been a wild week. First I fracture my right wrist last Thursday ( week before) then this week I get to drink this wonderful vanilla "shake" and get an IV of idoine while I get my "inards" catscaned. Let's pray that the catscan shows why the pain is still there.

Meanwhile here at the Ramirez place we learned Kassy has to re-take the SAT and get a MUCH better score so she can get into her college of choice. Now I took the ACT MANY, MANY years ago and would just have her take the ACT but the next test is mid June and to late for FALL admissions. So mom heads off to Borders and gets books to study for the SAT. So dyslexic mom with headaches is studing the SAT books with my beautiful but dyslexic 18 year old. It does get the mind moving that is for sure. It also shows me how little I know or retained from WAY back in my high school and UU days.

In between me reading and working with Kassy I have been finishing up a couple new Shweet Potato Dolls ...yes one handed. Got some help stuffing the dolls and just gently used the "right"
hand to sew. I would go nuttz if i could not sew. Wanna see them???
They are based on Carm's graphics with her permission of course.
I'll show you a link to the graphic in case you want one or two of her graphics for yourself.
It's number 203 at the bottom of the page
Image Hosting by
Image Hosting by
I still need to work up the snowgal but it is so hard to do when it is in the 90s outside.

I feel in love with this graphic set the first time I saw it. What is spring and summer without butterflies. I remember when the girls were little they worked in the garden with their grandpa, (the one who went to heaven in July) and they loved the "Flutterbyes".
So Here are my Flutterbyes
Carm's Flutters number 124
Image Hosting by
Image Hosting by

Now as soon as Marty gets home I am off to deliver some Bunnies to some very special kids.
Ya'll have a wonderful and Happy Easter Sunday. Thanks for all your prayers. We need them so keep them coming!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We have a WINNER!

Congrats to LIZ with Craft from My Heart! You are the lucky winner of one of my Faux Chocolate Bunnies! I will email ya for your mailing address!

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Safe Team Soap Challenge

OH MY GOODNESS! How i wish one could smell through the computer......... YOU know like a scratch and sniff! Someone will invent a sniffer for the computer and make a million bucks! I would be first in line to buy one.
YOU simply must come by the Safe Team Blog and check out the Soap Challenge.
The challenge was to pick a country and create a soap that represents that country. Just looking at the soaps and reading the descriptions one can simply imagine the wonderful scents.
While you are there make sure to vote on your favorite scent. I believe a prize will be given out to one of the comments.

The Safe Team is a group on etsy (the handmade,vintage and supply site).
The Soap Artisan Friends of Etsy (SAFE) team (formerly CYA team) is a group of soapmakers committed to excellence and best manufacturing practices on etsy. We are open to soapers of all levels, from the hobbyist to the well-established seller, including those who create other bath & body products such as lotions, balms, butters and sprays. We continually strive to perfect our craft and educate ourselves and others about the best practices a soaper must follow both to remain in compliance with FDA laws and to ensure quality products.

We are a team that takes great pride in our craft – as it is a blend of both science and art.We are also friends. As such, we value and insist upon respect to all members. We are a world-wide group and run the spectrum of beliefs, cultures, and political leanings, so opinions and personalities will differ ... this is expected and respected. We ask that everyone is treated with courtesy and kindness.

You can find out weekly ramblings in the Etsy Forums here
And our blog

One other wonderful and free thing that the Safe Team does is hold a weekly chat in etsy vitual labs about different aspects on soaping and our businesses.

This weeks VSS is ..............
It's the Virtual Soap Symposium! Mondays in April at Etsy's Virtual Labs at 5 pm (EST). Everything you wanted to know about bath and body products but didn't know you were supposed to ask!This week, April 6th: Anne-Marie Faiola of Brambleberry will talk about melt-and-pour soap for us - what it is, why it works, how it is different than CP, additives such as herbs, GRAS, fragrances, Essential Oils, labeling, and claims!

ALL the info on this week's VSS and how to get to it is listed on our blog. Hope to see ya there!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Monday Specials from Team Etsy Tx and US

Well it is the First Monday of the Month and Sassy Soaps n Such is once again joining our fellow Texas artists on Etsy by running a First Monday Special in our Etsy Shoppe.We are actually running 2 specials and just in time for Easter. Order Monday and NO SHIPPING COST in the USA on all our DOLLS and Ornies! Not only that we Added 10 NEW Shweet Potato Dolls and 5 New 'Puter Pets. 'Puter Pets are small dolls that are the perfect size to sit a top your monitor and bring a smile to your face. We will be added several more 'Puter Pets tomorrow and also couple more dolls.
Image Hosting by

You can find our shoppe at

Image Hosting by

ALSO all our soaps are Buy one get one free. YOUR free soap will be the same soap you order. So you are getting 2 for the price of 1. Our Easter Egg Soaps are perfect for those baskets and hunts.

Now wanted to share with you where you can find all the specials from our Team Etsy Texas!Here is the link to the etsy promo thread for APRIL’s First Monday Sale:

We'd love to see what you think about our specials.


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HAVE a great Monday and we'll see YOU at the Handmade place......Etsy.

Remember look for Sassysoapsnsuch under username or just click on this link and away you go

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bunnies Bunnies and More Shweet Bunnies

I am so in love with Carm with Shweet Potato Designs's graphics. I just look at one of her creations and hit the sewing machine. Carm you are just so inspiring.
I wanted to share with you these cute Raggedy Annie Bunnies. Each one is created using the same pattern that I am working on writting up right now. They look different because of the fabrics I used and one I sewed the legs on differently.
One of the dolls is on eBay right now and I just listed this little jewel on etsy
Image Hosting by
Here she is in a Shabby Chic Look (on ebay)
Image Hosting by
And she even stains up nice for that extreme primitive look too. She is listed in my Lemon Poppy Seeds Shoppe.
Image Hosting by

I have one more I am working on right now and can't wait to show her off...AN Easter Homespun Annie.

Remember all comments on my blog go into the hat for a drawing for one of my Faux Chocolate Bunnies!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Fooling New items in Poppy Shop and on eBay

Well it is April 1 so you know what that means! No not Aprils Fools Day it is Time for new creations in Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace and also New Launch for Age*Before*Beauty on eBay. Don't worry I'll make sure you get links to both places so you can hop down the bunny trail!

Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace is packed full of extreme prims and folks art styled dolls and more. You can also find patterns and scented items too. Just click on the logo to find the members list ( and there are a lot of us) and remember to keep scrolling to the bottom of the page to find the patterns and scent shoppes.

Just wanted to share 2 of my new Poppy Offerings this month just in time for Spring.
This extreme primitive Bunny and Carrot doll is based on a graphic from Shweet Potato Designs that I took and made into an extreme bunny doll.
Image Hosting by
Or maybe you like wonderful scented room display. This lamb smells so yummy and comes with the dried moss and lavender stems shown,
Image Hosting by

Now another design based on Shweet Potato Designs was just listed on eBay for our Age*Before*Beauty Ribbons and Rosed group launch. You can find all the AB4B launch items April 1 and 2 by typing in AB4B RR in the eBay search box. This is just one of about 5 I have to get listed on eBay in the next 2 Days......... Bunny Hugs
Image Hosting by

We'd love to have you follow our blogs too. This one of course but we also have blogs for Lemon Poppy Seeds called Xtremeprim you can find it at
Age*Before*Beauty has their own blog where you can sign up to win drawings each month

Hope to see you in our Marketplace and at our eBay Launch! Come back here and post a comment on what you liked best AND you might be the lucky winner of one of our Faux Chocolate Bunnies. Mention OUR giveaway on your blog and let me know to get your name into the hat a more than once.
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Til Later have a great April Fools Day!