Monday, April 27, 2009

Sleepy Sunday and Wet Monday

I think I must have walked way to much for these olde bones on Saturday. Sunday I woke up barely able to stand but did make it to the recliner to sew on one doll. *I have 7 more to finish but one was all I managed.
Spent most of the day on pain meds and in deep sleep but Marty did bring in the laptop to show me the place we are going to go HOG HUNTING in the Fall. IT looks like it will be fun and a wonderful place just to sit and enjoy the creatures God created. It's in Mt Pleasant Texas which will be far enough away from a big city that one can see the stars.

Something to dream about and squirrel away money for.
Kassy is still studying hard for the SAT on May 2 and she hopes to get her scores up. BUT In the meantime she has such a natural ability towards hair designs and makeup so she is also looking into some of the local Cosmetology Schools. This week while the 10 and 11th graders take TAKS
we will be visiting 2 of the schools to check them out. Toni N GUY and CCC Paul Mitchell School.
Never hurts to have a couple schools on your list. She is thinking a head. Cosmetology school is 12-18 months and she can get her liscence and also work in that field while she attends college.
Smart thinking my kid is.

Well Monday is here and it is a wet one indeed. The apartments finally were ready to start re-modeling our section, a week late, and Now it rains. So guess that will be on hold again. Last week was beautiful all week long and no construction. OH well so it goes. Only been 2 years of waiting what is a couple more weeks. We need all the rain we can get to keep those wild fires away.
Well time for me to get that kid out of bed to head off to her day at school. Me? Well today is yet another Doctor visit. Seems like I see more doctors than friends in the past year. Hope this time we get some answers but if we don't we will just keep on searching. While I am waiting guess I could dress one of these nekkkkkkked dolls. They need to get some clothes on so they can get on eBay soon.
Wanna see the baby who I dressed on Sunday?
Meet Susan (YES she is a Black Eyed Susan Shweet Potato Flower Doll.)
Based on graphic by a wonderful artist Carm with Shweet Potato Designs
Image Hosting by

I think I will make her up into a e-pattern. She would be fun to create in all styles all year long.
Well off to go to roll my baby out of bed. Wonder who will do it next year if she is at TWU????

Til later

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