Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Fooling New items in Poppy Shop and on eBay

Well it is April 1 so you know what that means! No not Aprils Fools Day it is Time for new creations in Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace and also New Launch for Age*Before*Beauty on eBay. Don't worry I'll make sure you get links to both places so you can hop down the bunny trail!

Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace is packed full of extreme prims and folks art styled dolls and more. You can also find patterns and scented items too. Just click on the logo to find the members list ( and there are a lot of us) and remember to keep scrolling to the bottom of the page to find the patterns and scent shoppes.

Just wanted to share 2 of my new Poppy Offerings this month just in time for Spring.
This extreme primitive Bunny and Carrot doll is based on a graphic from Shweet Potato Designs that I took and made into an extreme bunny doll.
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Or maybe you like wonderful scented room display. This lamb smells so yummy and comes with the dried moss and lavender stems shown,
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Now another design based on Shweet Potato Designs was just listed on eBay for our Age*Before*Beauty Ribbons and Rosed group launch. You can find all the AB4B launch items April 1 and 2 by typing in AB4B RR in the eBay search box. This is just one of about 5 I have to get listed on eBay in the next 2 Days......... Bunny Hugs
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We'd love to have you follow our blogs too. This one of course but we also have blogs for Lemon Poppy Seeds called Xtremeprim you can find it at
Age*Before*Beauty has their own blog where you can sign up to win drawings each month

Hope to see you in our Marketplace and at our eBay Launch! Come back here and post a comment on what you liked best AND you might be the lucky winner of one of our Faux Chocolate Bunnies. Mention OUR giveaway on your blog and let me know to get your name into the hat a more than once.
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Til Later have a great April Fools Day!


The Muse said...

Your little bunnies look as if they could come alive in a children's book or cartoon!

Very sweet!!!!

Miss Mapp said...

Hey Sandi, Thats brilliant that you have joined - thank you. AND, I see you have a feed to me - can't believe it. That is mega brilliant!! So, any suggestions as to the way the plot should go, how characters develop - would love to have your input. Maybe there should be a craft lady, or Sandi viits GB and calls in on the village - any thing is possible - tell me.X MM