Monday, April 13, 2009

IT only takes ONCE

Last night while watching the news at home my family received some very sad news. One of the students at our High School was killed early Sunday morning. Yes it was raining and the roads were slick BUT that was not the cause of the accident.....
DRINKING was the cause. As we sat and listened several times to the news report, Marty Kassy and her boyfriend Jose and I discussed how it only takes one time for you to get into a car with someone who is drinking. Only takes one time for your wonderful beautiful life to end.

Kimberly Martinez 16 was a sophomore at our High School. She was just starting life. In fact she had just left a friend's QuinceaƱera party (celebration of when a girl becomes a women in our Hispanic and Catholic traditions) when her life ended. Was she drinking? NO and neither was her boyfriend BUT the driver of the car had been drinking.
YOU can read more about this sad story

This just brings us to rememeber and remind our children each and every time they go out that it is never, ever a good thing to get behind the wheel if you have been drinking or get into a car with someone who has been drinking. I know we have told Kassy and her friends they can always call us. We will come and get them. NO Questions asked! NO shouting or anyone getting into trouble.

As we are reaching that time of the year where our High Schools hold proms, colleges hold formals we need to be especially mindful of the dangers out there on the roads. Watch not only the kids in your car but remember the person in the car behind to you... accross the medium might be drinking and driving. YOU have to watch out for them too.

As parents we worry everytime out child goes out. I worry everytime my husband is out DJing as wedding late at night. Not because he might have a drink but because of all the others who are out driving around after the clubs close. I know my girls are 18 and 21 and they are both "adults" but I will always worry about them. Sadly I admit that I drove drunk many times in my 20s and I am very lucky God was watching after me.

So please especially at this time of the year remind your children (no matter what age) that you will always be only a phone call away. You will pick them up and take everyone safely home. Remind them it only takes ONCE.

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Very helpful blog post that may just save a life! Yes, it just takes one little is so precarious...