Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Shweet Potato Dolls are in the House

WOW this has been a wild week. First I fracture my right wrist last Thursday ( week before) then this week I get to drink this wonderful vanilla "shake" and get an IV of idoine while I get my "inards" catscaned. Let's pray that the catscan shows why the pain is still there.

Meanwhile here at the Ramirez place we learned Kassy has to re-take the SAT and get a MUCH better score so she can get into her college of choice. Now I took the ACT MANY, MANY years ago and would just have her take the ACT but the next test is mid June and to late for FALL admissions. So mom heads off to Borders and gets books to study for the SAT. So dyslexic mom with headaches is studing the SAT books with my beautiful but dyslexic 18 year old. It does get the mind moving that is for sure. It also shows me how little I know or retained from WAY back in my high school and UU days.

In between me reading and working with Kassy I have been finishing up a couple new Shweet Potato Dolls ...yes one handed. Got some help stuffing the dolls and just gently used the "right"
hand to sew. I would go nuttz if i could not sew. Wanna see them???
They are based on Carm's graphics with her permission of course.
I'll show you a link to the graphic in case you want one or two of her graphics for yourself.
It's number 203 at the bottom of the page
Image Hosting by
Image Hosting by
I still need to work up the snowgal but it is so hard to do when it is in the 90s outside.

I feel in love with this graphic set the first time I saw it. What is spring and summer without butterflies. I remember when the girls were little they worked in the garden with their grandpa, (the one who went to heaven in July) and they loved the "Flutterbyes".
So Here are my Flutterbyes
Carm's Flutters number 124
Image Hosting by
Image Hosting by

Now as soon as Marty gets home I am off to deliver some Bunnies to some very special kids.
Ya'll have a wonderful and Happy Easter Sunday. Thanks for all your prayers. We need them so keep them coming!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Those are just precious!

Good luck to yer daughter with the SAT. Just go slowly. Go through and answer ALL, but mark #'s of those she's unsure of on the scrap paper. Go BACK when she gets to the end of the section -- many times the correct answer will pop into yer mind after being stirred up by the other questions. Use "process of elimination" for answers. Use the idea of "order of magnitude" for the math sections. This can quickly help you remove most if not all the incorrect answers, often without "doing the math" itself.

Miss Mapp said...

Wishing you and all the family a Happy and peaceful Easter, with some quality time together.