Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Saw an Angel TODAY

Sitting here talking to my husband it is so hard to believe it has been a year since his Dad got his wings. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in the living room of their home just talking to dad about flowers and the kids. We talked about silly things like how much our canes were alike and how he loved it when I created Hispanic dolls and brought them over to the house. Every new soap I made he had to have one and insisted I make some MANLY ones.

Liver Cancer took Dad to heaven but we have memories of him every single day. At night I look to my right and can see how blessed he made me. My husband has to be the most patient loving man in the world. Who else could and would put up with me and 2 girlie girls. I see Dad everyday in my wonderful handsome husband. I see the love he taught him by the way he lived his life. I see the hard work and determination Dad taught by example to keep our family going even when times were tough. My husband not only works 40+ hours at his "full time" job but he comes home and does other things to raise money for my expensive meds and doctor visits. And he also does most of the housework since I can't get around much.
Marty got that love of family from his Dad.

Tonight I walked as I walked through my bedroom to my closet to get something out to give Keelee when she came to visit, a piece of paper floated in front of my face. I reached down to pick it up and could not believe what it was. Before I tell you let me say I don't have any pictures in our bedroom. They are in our living room and also inside photo albums or on the computer.

What I picked up was a gift from Dad..... a picture of him and Mom dancing at their 40th Surprise Wedding Anniversary Party. (OH My that has to be at least 12 -13 yrs ago)

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Whenever the lights flicker at my apartment or where we are we know Dad is saying Hello. ( This was something I asked him to do at the very end to let us know he was around.) He said hello while Brian spoke so loving of him on July 5, 2008 and he still comes by to visit today. To many this may seem weird or odd BUT to me This is TRUE LOVE.
So this week I will celebrate Frank U Ramirez not just once but twice. July 1 was the day Dad got his wings and July 4 we Thanks HIM and all our service men and women and their families for all that they do and have done to keep our Country Safe.

I love you dad and miss you every day!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

$5.00 Monday
Tomorrow on Sassy Soaps N Such Etsy Shoppe

Tomorrow is $5.00 Monday on Sassy Soaps N Such etsy shoppe. We are part of an amazing team ETC or Etsy Texas Crafters who like to promote and do fun things together as a group on Etsy. On the 5th Monday of the Month we are holding $5.00 Mondays!
We have already begun to mark our $5.00 specials in our shoppe so you can head over and shoppe early if you want.
Just some of the $5.00 Specials for this Day only.
ALL PDF or e-Patterns are $5.00 (you pay we email them to you within 24 hours)
Some of our Dolls and Computer Pets are also $5.00
We will be adding a few more $5.00 items and (fingers crossed) a couple more patterns before Monday is over.
To find ALL the Etsy Texas Crafters $5.00 Monday Specials type in ETC5 in the Etsy search box for tags.
Stay tune here for updates on more $5.00 specials.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sure is hot time for some Cool Creations

WOW it is really a strange day. Weird emails and couple "Super Stars" are having issues.
Boy remember watching Charlie's Angels and saying a little prayer for Farrah... How many of you gals had that "famous" hair cut? Not me I liked the shorter hair so I had the Dorthy Hamel wedge.

WOW just confirmed Michael Jackson who was my age...passed away. Things come in threes and we lost 3 ICONS this week....

Well woke up with the backache again week now in a row and the Internist told Marty I just need to use hot and cold on it and come in July 16. Think it is time to visit the ER... Not sure who else to go too. While I can't stand up straight I can sit so I have been working on some "Cooler" creations. Christmas in July creations.

Lemon Poppy Seeds is holding a Christmas in July theme for July so here is one of my new ones I will be listing tonight.... Created from my Flying Fairy Pattern just grubbied up.
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

AND Age*Before*Beauty or AB4B on eBay our July 1-4 Launch Theme is Christmas in July and here is just ONE of the creations I have ready for it. It is also made from my Flying Fairy Pattern. So many ways you can make this pattern up.
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Well better get back into the recliner and stuff some more. Stay cool and let's hope this week calms down.

OH one more thing couple of blogs I would love to have your follow:
Shweet Potato Dolls - info on my ©Shweet Potato Doll and Pattern Line
Beauties4Blogging- Check out the upcoming events and giveaways from Age*Before*Beauty
Kiss My Crafts - Fun crafts for all ages

~~IF you follow Shweet Potato Dolls blog you might get to pick out your choice of one of my patterns. Drawing every month.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New e-patterns

Come by Always Crafty 2 and check out our 2 new ©Shweet Potato e-patterns. If you want to order them in paper form just let me know!

Added yesterday Shweet Star Annie Ornies
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Added Just today
Shweet Flying Fairy
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Monday, June 15, 2009

New Bunny and e-Pattern Too

Just wanted to share that I added this fun little Starworks Bunny and his 2 beach balls to the Country Fried Primitive Marketplace today and he has free domestic shipping in the USA.

If you like to create your own things I just added the e-pattern to our website Always Crafty 2.

You can find this bunny pattern as well as our Autism Bunny e-pattern here

Well, time to hit the hay! See ya'll in the morn'!

New Updates

That time of the month were there are new updates at the two Marketplaces we are a member of. Lemon Poppy Seeds and Country Fried Primitives. The theme is still LOVE OF COUNTRY!

I am very excited to say I updated a ton of new creations in Country Fried Primitives and they will ALL soon be patterns too.

You can check my Country Fried shoppe at at http://www.countryfriedprimitives.com/shoppes/cfpalwayscrafty2/

Here are just a couple of our newest creations

©Shweet Potato Annie Star Ornies

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

©Fabric Sailor Hats

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com
My Poppy Shoppe is on Vacation BUT the items listed in the shoppe are packed and ready for a new home, so you can still order.
July 1 and 15 YOU will see all kinds of CHRISTMAS IN JULY Creations so get set to shop early for the holidays!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

©Autism Bunny Pattern is Ready

Autism is a disablity near to my heart. My very best friend works every day with these special angels and even has choosen to work through the summer months with her Autism Angels in DISD. Today I decided to sit down and write up my ©Autism Bunny into both an e-pattern and also paper pattern. You can find the PDF version right now on Always Crafty 2.
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

If you don't want to make you own you can always order one ready made by us from our Sassy Soaps N Such etsy shoppe at http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=22860895
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

If you have a special color you want the accent pieces in just let me know. I can also personalize the puzzle piece with your special Autism Angel's name!

Just a peek at the next pattern we have coming out this week....
©Shweet Flying Faires ( we will have the finished dolls for sale on Always Crafty 2 soon.)
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So blessed to say that my big Sister is Cancer free!!
The surgery went very well and they did not find anymore cancer!

So now we are praying for a speedy recovery so she can head into hopefully her last procedure!
AND while I was waiting for her surgery to be over I wrote up 5 new patterns. Now to covert them to the computer and see if they make up in person as well as in my head :)

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Walnut Hill Elementary HOW Proud I am of U

Can't talk for long... Tonight I went to the elementary school both girls attended WAY back in the mid 90s and very early 2000s. My best friend's son was "graduating" from 5th grade. I could not understand a word (being deaf and to far from the speaker to read the lips) but it was a wonderful joy to be there and support Ezekiel! Brianna told me when to clap so I was fine.
Sitting in those hard wooden chairs for 2 hours well lets just say my FIBROMYLIGIA is screaming at me right now.
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com
I am very proud of the 5th grade class at Walnut Hill. They raised,oney and donated $300.00 to Autism Speaks. If you are around the DALLAS, TX area November 14, 2009 there will be a walk going on to raise funds for research and awareness at the Texas Ranger's Ballpark. You can find out more info at http://www.walknowforautism.org/dfw

In August one of our eBay groups will be raising funds for Autism Awareness so mark your calenders for August 1-7 and search eBay during that time for AB4B Autism.

So now I am off to rest and get to work on some more of our Autism Bunnies.
75% of the proceeds from our Autism Bunnies are donated to Austism Awareness Non Profits.
You can find one of our bunnies at our etsy Shoppe Sassy Soaps N Such
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com
Congrats to ALL the graduates from 2009 from elementary all the way to high schools. We are so proud of you ALL!