Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Walnut Hill Elementary HOW Proud I am of U

Can't talk for long... Tonight I went to the elementary school both girls attended WAY back in the mid 90s and very early 2000s. My best friend's son was "graduating" from 5th grade. I could not understand a word (being deaf and to far from the speaker to read the lips) but it was a wonderful joy to be there and support Ezekiel! Brianna told me when to clap so I was fine.
Sitting in those hard wooden chairs for 2 hours well lets just say my FIBROMYLIGIA is screaming at me right now.
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I am very proud of the 5th grade class at Walnut Hill. They raised,oney and donated $300.00 to Autism Speaks. If you are around the DALLAS, TX area November 14, 2009 there will be a walk going on to raise funds for research and awareness at the Texas Ranger's Ballpark. You can find out more info at http://www.walknowforautism.org/dfw

In August one of our eBay groups will be raising funds for Autism Awareness so mark your calenders for August 1-7 and search eBay during that time for AB4B Autism.

So now I am off to rest and get to work on some more of our Autism Bunnies.
75% of the proceeds from our Autism Bunnies are donated to Austism Awareness Non Profits.
You can find one of our bunnies at our etsy Shoppe Sassy Soaps N Such
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Congrats to ALL the graduates from 2009 from elementary all the way to high schools. We are so proud of you ALL!

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