Sunday, March 29, 2009

Congrats! Krystal

Congratlations to my "other" daughter Krystal for getting accepted into Texas A&M! Made her a special doll ...small enough to fit in her dorm room and remember her other mom by. Little Krystal is already practicing for Aggie Football game.... "GIG EM".

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Always Crafty 2 Dolls

Well I have been making but not listing much online ... so today I decided to list some dolls and one Autism Bunny where 1/2 of the proceeds are going to Autism.These dolls were inspired by Shweet Potato Designs Graphics with carm's permission to create dolls and patterns to sell.Foo Foo Bunny Hosting by
Spring Raggedy Hosting by
Lady Bird Raggedy Hosting by
Autism Awareness Bunny - Original Always Crafty 2 Doll Hosting by

I went to Etsy and listed one of the Autism Bunnies there too

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Now I am trying to decide if I should write up the dolls into patterns...
Love your thoughts.
Til Later ........

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Soaps in my Etsy Shoppe and Country Craft Show

This has been a strange week here in the Ramirez household. Been "patiently" waiting to hear from Texas Women's University if Kassy got in for Fall 09 and we keep getting letters but they just need more info. Of course it doesn't help that mom filled out all the forms and being dyslexic I messed up my own social in the FSFA form. Got that corrected on Monday so praying she hears something soon.

While I am sitting around recovering I decided to whip up some Easter Egg Soaps. These are the perfect size for guest soaps in your bath and would make awesome additions to anyone's Easter Basket or hunt. They can be shrink wrapped so you can hide them when you hid your other eggs Easter morning. You can find them in both my etsy shoppe
and also at the Country Craft Show Online in My Sassy Soaps N Such Booth

NOW if you like the soaps they can come in almost any color and scent NOT just the ones listed. Just ask and if I have the scent I can make them up for you. Mention my blog and get an extra Egg Soap FREE!
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I just finished a couple Dolls that I will be listing on eBay this weekend inspired by Carm's graphics. Shweet Potato Designs is an awesome graphic shoppe created by a dear friend of mine named Carm. She has given me permission to use her graphics as inspriration for dolls and patterns. This weekend one of our online communities will be showing off each of our dolls we created from one of her graphics. My little bunny pictured with his basket and eggs is based on one of her graphics and is up for adoption. If you are interested in him just drop me a note

Til tomorrow

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Congrats Union University
Lady Bulldogs Basketball Team!

The older the get the more I seem to want to reconnect with my friends from back in Memphis at Hillcrest and all my Union University friends...especially my Zeta Tau Alpha sisters! Just last month I got the pleasure to visit with one of my sororoity sisters Nancy who I last talked to when my oldest daughter was born. It was awesome!
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Couple years ago Denny came to Dallas and met my hubby and girls and showed them mom in high school. Sad I lost all my high school and college yearbooks.... I think they got thrown out when we moved sometime ago. My girls were amazed at what I could remember :) and the stories Denny told.

Last year my college Union University in Jackson Tennessee was hit by a horrible tornado. Seeing pictures of what used to be my dorm rooms back in 77-80 got me really thinking about that time in my life. Long time ago but yet some of it I can remember very clearly. As my youngest Kassy sets her sights for Texas Women's University I am dreading the day she will leave but remembering the fun I had at college and being "on my own." We are still waiting for that letter of acceptance so if you want to add us to your prayer list we sure could use a couple extra prayers.
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I was reading my latest issue of the UNIONITE and reading about Coach Blackstock. I love sports... and love sharing it with my hubby Marty. Today I find out on facebook that Union's Lady Bulldogs won the NAIA National Championship. I just had to give a SHOUT OUT TO THE UU LADY DOGS!

So now it is time to go figure out this new facebook pages. I can't find my groups anymore and i miss reading and remembering...OH well I am sure i will stumble into them again and better write down how I found them this time.
Til tomorrow when I will show off some new Easter creations......

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do you like to play Bingo? Win a prize?

If you like to play online Bingo come over to the XtremePrim blog or FriedPrims Blog and join in on the Spring Bingo game....

You have til the 31 of March to get your words in.

You might win the doll shown below, if you are the first to yell out BINGO!
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While you are there check out the blogs. I know they would love to have you follow them!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bunny Hugs Door Display

I am so blessed to have the blessings from a wonderful graphics artist to take her graphics and create them into dolls, ornies and other fabric art. This is one of my favorite of her Spring graphics ...
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Here it is created in a Door Display
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Shweet Potato Designs is Carm's graphic shoppe you can find this graphic and many more in her wonderful shoppe. She also designs websets for your websites and I must say not only are they wonderful the prices are perfect too.

Hope you will come take a peek at her shoppe!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Proud to be an American

I am so proud to be an American. Times are tough right now and they will be for a while. Things don't simply change overnight ya know. Took a while for our country to get the way it is and it will take a while for it to swing back on top.

I am so proud to live in this country where folks help each other. Where our country helps other countries. As many of you know my Jamie is in the US Army and stationed at Ft Drum NY. He has a wife and 3 wonderful, beautiful children one of which i have never seen in person. I am praying that they will make it down to Texas in 09 so I can meet Bella in person. I am so proud of Jamie and all my brothers who took time out of thier lives to serve our country. I used to laugh cause we had Army, Navy and Marines just missed out on the Air Force (my brothers).

My dearest online friend whom I hope to meet face to face soon sent me this touching email and video. Being proud to be an American could not be shown any clearer than what she says and what the video shows.

To anyone wondering if Americans
don't care about their country or the soldiers fighting.

A teacher at the Middle School in Chanute has a son
that flies in the same "squadron" as this soldier.
This young man's helicopter collided with
another helicopter in Iraq .
4 soldiers died as a result.

The loss of these 4 soldiers did not make TV news! The
teacher's son, who was not involved in the accident,
asked his Mom and Dad to attend his buddy's funeral
since he could not come home to attend.

This is what happened in this particular young man's
hometown of Cameron Missouri last Saturday 02/07/09.
Life in a small town is different sometimes.

This funeral was set to be protested by a radical church group from Kansas that actually stand at the funerals of our fallen troops, When the community learned of it, flyers, emails and phone call were sent out asking anyone with a flag to come and show support for this family.
The church members arrived in Cameron and stayed all of about 15 minutes before seeing that their 250 mile trip was a bad idea.

This is such a nice tribute, please take time to watch it.... This could be any of our sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. Angie thanks for sharing this with me.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break Fun

Monday was the start of our last Spring Break as high school parents. Olivia my neice who is in the 1st grade came over the spend the day. Uncle Marty and Olivia made fun felt creations in the morning while I rested with my constant headache. Then they picked up Kassy and her guy Jose and headed out to White Rock Lake for an afternoon for fishing. They did not have a nibble but had a blast. Olivia told me they fed the ducks, watched birds and looked for turtles.
When they came home Olivia and I settled in for some sewing time!
For a 1st grader this girl has some sewing mojo.
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We decided to create some of our own dolls styled after the "Ugly" dolls. Ours are made from tea towels and we decided to call them Ogly Dolls after Miss Olivia. We made up 4 dolls and she left one for me.
Image Hosting by
I love this fun and funky one eyed Ogly Bunny!

Then Olivia decide she needed to make a turtle. She picked out the fabrics and traced the patterns. I guided the sewing machine and she held down the machine foot to make it go. Then she cut around the sewn area and turned it inside out. Olivia did all the stuffing and she even sewed up the stuffing holes. The hardest thing about one of my turtles is hand quilting the shell. She went right to work and made that shell perfect.
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Right as Olivia was sewing the shell onto the body her mom came so she had to finish and head to their home. I invited her back later in the week to make Easter and Spring soaps!

While Olivia and I were sewing away Kassy and Jose were out shopping for her Prom Dress. Not only did she get a WOW of a dress she got a bargin too.
Check out my beautiful baby!
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So hard to believe my baby is a senior and heading off to college in August!!!
Harder to believe i will be 50 in 2 months!!!

Well off to work on some new patterns! Remember to follow our blog you never know what you will see here!

Went to the Gun Range Today for the 1st Time

OH Man I have a new hobby! Marty took me to the gun range today to practice with the rifle. I had a blast and did pretty good too if I say so myself.
The rifle was a rugar 10/22 rifle. This was my very first target at 25 yards
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Then i practiced on a turkey which is what i want to get good at anyways. Want to go turkey hunting in the Fall....
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IT was a blast! We also used a highpoint 9mm rifle but that had kind of a kick to it and will take getting used to.
Gotta go take pictures of Kassy in her prom dress so that will be posted for all to see soon.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gun Show, Fudge and Shweet Potato Dolls

I Know you are thinking Sandi has lost her mind! Those 3 things don't go together! But in MY WORLD they do. Today Marty took me to my first and not last GUN SHOW! It was awesome! There were all kinds of rifles and guns, bows and knives, jewerly and baked goodies and best of all the most AWESOME FUDGE i have ever eaten.
YEP FUDGE! Brought me some home. I have to go and check out her website but you can find her at She is just putting her site together but man oh man is her fudge good. Next on my TO DO LIST is going to the shooting range and firing off a round or two.

Now bet you are wondering Shweet Potato Dolls??? I am a member of a online family of artist who like to do challenges every now and then. So we all decided it would be fun to create some dolls using graphics by one of our dear friends Carm with Shweet Potato Designs. You can check out her graphics at and come over and join our Ol Country Home family at Just tell Diana... Sandi sent ya.

I Love Carm's graohics and I have decided that when I make one into a doll, I will also make it into a pattern. So next week this creation will be a pattern .
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Then I have to get to work on this little lady bug's pattern too
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Now these ornies I made up back in the Fall for our last WT WHITE Luau and they might be a fun pattern to write up too
Image Hosting by
Image Hosting by
Well Momma better get herself in gear and get to writting up pattterns. Check back in here and come on over and join our family and get in on the fun at Ol Country Home.
OHHH Maybe I can get Carm to whip up a hunting Annie and Andy...HUMMMMMMM

Til tomorrow

Friday, March 6, 2009

Is it real or fiction?

The Texas Jackalope???? Is it real or fiction? Well all I can tell you is there is a cute Jackalope alive and living in my place.... Take a look at what we found this morning when we opened our front door.
Image Hosting by

This is an original Always Crafty 2 Jackalope doll! Jack will be listed on eBay later tonight so if you want a Jackalope in your home just come on by eBay and look up alwayscrafty2.