Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Congrats Union University
Lady Bulldogs Basketball Team!

The older the get the more I seem to want to reconnect with my friends from back in Memphis at Hillcrest and all my Union University friends...especially my Zeta Tau Alpha sisters! Just last month I got the pleasure to visit with one of my sororoity sisters Nancy who I last talked to when my oldest daughter was born. It was awesome!
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Couple years ago Denny came to Dallas and met my hubby and girls and showed them mom in high school. Sad I lost all my high school and college yearbooks.... I think they got thrown out when we moved sometime ago. My girls were amazed at what I could remember :) and the stories Denny told.

Last year my college Union University in Jackson Tennessee was hit by a horrible tornado. Seeing pictures of what used to be my dorm rooms back in 77-80 got me really thinking about that time in my life. Long time ago but yet some of it I can remember very clearly. As my youngest Kassy sets her sights for Texas Women's University I am dreading the day she will leave but remembering the fun I had at college and being "on my own." We are still waiting for that letter of acceptance so if you want to add us to your prayer list we sure could use a couple extra prayers.
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I was reading my latest issue of the UNIONITE and reading about Coach Blackstock. I love sports... and love sharing it with my hubby Marty. Today I find out on facebook that Union's Lady Bulldogs won the NAIA National Championship. I just had to give a SHOUT OUT TO THE UU LADY DOGS!

So now it is time to go figure out this new facebook pages. I can't find my groups anymore and i miss reading and remembering...OH well I am sure i will stumble into them again and better write down how I found them this time.
Til tomorrow when I will show off some new Easter creations......

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