Monday, December 28, 2009

We were blessed How about YOU?

This has been a strange but amazing year. Although my family's health as not been the best from skin cancer to ALS... from strokes to depression,,, One thing we did have and that is family. This holiday season has been the best for me personally in a whole lot of years. It began on December 23 with Evie and all "my" family. It was so wonderful to look around the room and see my siblings, thier husbands and wives. I loved looking at all the children and grand children there in the rooms and running around. There were so many faces old and young you just wanted to grab and hugs each one!

Then Christmas Eve came. Hubby got off early and came home to help me wrap and get into the Christmas spirit. Leave it to Marty and Starbucks to make the headache manageable. As the afternoon went on we notices white flakes falling from the sky. The weatherman forecasted snow, but you know how that is...hit or miss and even if it snowed it would not stick as we hit 75 on Evie. Well stick it did and icy to boot! Slow going to get to "Grandma's House" but we did and we enjoyed the holiday with half the family.
God took home a special man in Jae and Tony's life earlier in the week and so he was rested on Eve.

IT makes no difference if you are born of blood or born of friendship,
We are all one big happy family.

Christmas Morning bloomed with all it's white snowy brightness and was truely indeed filled with wonder.
Santa came to visit me very unexpectedly.
He brought my grandsons to visit and more.

Remember "Santa" does listen when you ask for your Christmas Blessings. He filled all of mine above and beyond.
Here's wishing each and everyone of you ,my friends, a Wonderful and Exciting 2010!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Did you know hugs can come from far away and heaven too

After having a hard day it is always wonderful to get a hug from someone you love. When you get that hug from far away and beyond you know you are truely blessed.

Bet you are wondering about the beautiful cardinals... Monday was a hard day for me. Starts off with my H1N1 shot which was not to bad in itself (free made it not hurt so much), then off to the dr to see why my memory is so holey and not in the good way either :) The pain in not only my back and legs but right side of the head is much worse and at the worse time, the holidays. When I look through my left eye everything appears not really foggy but more like a crystal effect which could be pretty since it looks like icy but scary since it's not cold and snowy here in Dallas. So I drag my tired old body to see Dr Kazi who agrees it is trouble some that my left side drags ( thought is was being old) and the eye sight is off (again now just age) and the memory laspes are not something I should be getting at 50. Signs of a past stroke are bearing their ugly old heads. So MRI is scheduled but for when????

I go home for a hug from my baby Kassy and when Daddy comes home he assures me we will get through this like we have everything else together. We head to the only mom I have left here on this Earth...Marty's Mom. We get to the house and drop off some food for the holidays and have a nice visit with mom and Marty's sister. Been a rough year with family issues but they don't matter now... Family is the only important thing.

Marty says I have a package and I see it is from my BFF way over in Missouri. We have never met in person but have become soul mates via the internet. Marty opens the package to a sweet note from my dear Angie and her family. Inside is an unexpected wrapped gift. The gift is wrapped is beautiful cardinal fabric. Hugs from Mo just in the wrapping... Once it is carefully unwrapped by my sweet hubby it unveils not only a beautiful gift but hugs from beyond our world. Inside this carefully cardinal wrapped gift was a figurine exactly like my granny had in her home. I truely believe this was the reason my momma loved cardinals and insisted we have them on our Christmas trees each least one.
Image Hosting by

So in giving of her heart to me all the way from Winston, Mo to Dallas, TX,my beautiful friend brought me love and hugs not only from her and her family but also from my granny and momma who have passed on. This simple gift taught me to look for love in small things and gifts come in many ways and for many reasons. Our good Lord knows when we need them and he makes sure we receive them.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

YES I have been shweetened!

OH my Shweet Tooth has been soothed. Look at this cutie from Carm with Shweet Potato Designs.
Image Hosting by

I am one again inspired.
Thanks Carm

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For that special Sports Fan in Your Life

This has been a long year for many of us and if you are like my family you are ready for 2009 to roll into a bright and beautiful 2010. My husband and I are huge fans of all sports and we have collected quite a few autographed items in our 20+ years together. We decided that it is time for some other Football Fan to hold this beautiful Joe Montana Autographed Football in their hands and home. This signed ball has only been out of the felt bag 3 times and so we decided to put it up on eBay this week.

If you have a fan in your life who likes Joe Montana this would be the perfect gift this year. We have it listed on eBay as an auction item but will take offers via our email address if anyone is interested in making an offer, other than what it is listed for, as long as their are no bids on eBay. There is one watcher at this point

If you like to sew or craft with fabric please check our eBay listing as I have so much fabric I must share with others. The fabric listed has free domestic shipping in the USA and has been stored in Rubbermaid tubs to keep it clean and fresh. No lie, I have as much fabric as many small quilt shoppes do. One could say I am a fabricholic.... I can't walk past the fabric section without having to buy some. Sad but true and it is taking over my life.
So if you are interested in some of our fabrics and other crafting items check eBay as I am adding to the listing each day as I am able. You can see all our eBay listings HERE.
We send warm Holiday Wishes from our Family to Yours.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stocking Stuffers WE HAVE THEM!

It's that time of the year when you are looking for gifts for teachers, freinds, co-workers maybe stocking stuffers! Well come by one of our many shoppes and check out all the fun items that would be just perfect for your holiday gift giving!
Sassy Soaps N Such has lots of fun soaps like our Fudgecicle Soap

Or how about fun gag gifts of Reindeer or Snowmen Poop
YES and you can even eat it!

Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso

Dark Chocolate Covered Large Raisins
Vanilla Yogurt Covered Raisins

You choose the flavor and Reindeer or Snowman Graphics
AND you choose how many you need and with FREE SHIPPING Too
You can find this fun stocking stuffers in our Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns Store
and our booth at the Country Craft Show Online
If you are looking for patterns check out our line of Paper and ePatterns at
Hope to see ya soon and we want to wish each of you a very Happy Holiday!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Do you sell ePatterns...Did I find the deal for you

Image Hosting by

One can never have enough places to sell their epatterns and TODAY right now you can sign up at the Epattern Shoppe and sell your epatterns for 12.00 a year! YEP you heard me right that is $1.00 a month!
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Come see the Grand Re-Opening of our Shoppe

We have updated our website and added new soaps and would love for everyone to come by and check us out! Free gift with every purchase of $10.00 or more.
Thought we would just show you one of our newest soaps....... Smells just like Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows! Yummo!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Little Black Boxes

Sassy Soaps N Such is part of The Little Black Boxes samplers.... Let me tell you I purchase a "box" which is really a black bag full of samplers and full size items. I get ALL the stocking stuffers for the girls from the bags. I love to give them a Just Because gift every now and then and the bags are great way to get fun little things to give out. Novemeber Bags are onsale right now and I can't wait to get mine in the mail. For $17.00 it is well worth it! Click HERE To go and check out all the goodies that were sent in this month.

"November Little Black Boxes - On Sale Now!!
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Get your Box NOW you might have one of our Gingerbread Soaps and Reindeer Poop Bags (Dark Chocolate Covered Epresso Beans)
Look for December's boxes going on sale in the new future and we are in there too

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Do you remember these?????

Do they bring back memories of the Ice Cream man? Do you remember waiting just to hear the jingle of the bell and grabbing your fist full of change and running to make sure he did not leave before you got there. Well, these Bomb Pop smell like the popcicles from our childhood days but don't try to eat them...... They are soap!
These are our newest soaps! Don't look yet they are not in any of our shoppes just yet. We are getting ready for Cyber Monday Nov 3 and soaping up a storm! You can find these fun bomb Pops both our etsy Shoppe and our Soap Shoppe

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do you Believe???

Do you believe?
In what you ask,
Life, Angels and
Do they come back?

Oh I believe!
I know they do
For I've been visited
by my Angels.
Have YOU?


Yesterday was a strange day for me. Everytime I stood up it felt like someone had their hand on my back like they were leading me or helping me go from room to room. I mentioned this several times to Marty and the girls and it was not until today did I connect what was going on. Yesterday was Marty's Dad's birthday. He became my Dad too from the first time I met him. He went to heaven a year ago July 1 but he visits me often. I know it is him because he moves things around the apartment all the time. Sometimes Chico will stop and roll over and here is no one near to rub his belly. Dad is here.

Two years ago today Mom went home to be with Dad in heaven. You know I was just thinking the other day how I know how alone Mom felt in her big house without Dad or any of us kids or grandkids,: I feel it every day here at home. I think you have to open to being visited by your Angels and if you are they will come and visit you. I know days that I feel like crawling up in a ball and just laying there something pushes me to get back up and go into the living room. Maybe it is to sew or just sit at the computer reading. On good days I might try to do my melt and pour soaps a little.

The past couple months have been a challenge I will say. The constant headaches, pain in the body that never ends just goes from bad to worse, now I've lost the ability to use my left arm much  and see out of my left eye but I am determined to continue to do the things I used to do. I might be slower, I do ask for help but I will get there. My Shweet Dolls have become by salvation of sorts. On bad days I can draw them up in my head at least, on good days I might be able to sew alittle on one or two.  I will admit it there are days I just want to quit but I can't I have a family who needs me as broken as I am and friends who just might miss me if I didn't show up online. Thanks to my Angels who watch over me day and night.

Today we celebrate the lives of my Mom Martha Keeton and my "Dad" Frank Ramirez
Please keep watching after me and my family wherever we are near and far...
Send a special angel to watch over Jeremy in Iraq!
(angel graphic from my muse Shweet Potato Designs)
Thanks to my special Angels in Heaven and here on Earth who keep me homebound and steady. I love you!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some Hair Raising Fun

Have some Hair Raising Fun in our Etsy Shoppe!
Sassy Soaps N Such BLOG Special on Etsy
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We also have our Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns on Etsy as well as some of our other creations.
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COME BY the SafeTeam Blog and get your vote in on the Alice in Wonderland Challange
Sassy Soaps N Such has our Cheshire Cat Soap entered.
Let us know what you think about all the enties but we'd love some love.
Make a comment on the SAFETEAM blog to get in on the drawing to win a bar of the winning soap!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So Proud of My Kassy

Yes Kassy would be shocked to know I am blogging about her but MOMMA is so proud of this kid! Kassy attends Cosmetology Career Center Paul Mitchell Partner School in Carrollton, TX.
Last Saturday I went in to have her color and cut my hair which is something I have not done in YEARS.
She colored and shined my hair and then gave me one awesome hair cut that not only made me feel better it made me look younger. Check it out what do you think?

OH big picture...... If you live in the Dallas area you MUST call the school and book Kassy Ramirez
You have to ask for her by name. School is open Tues-Sat and she is there from 10-5 to take care of you. YOU can call (972) 669-0494  if you want to get a new DO like me.
Wondering just where the school is? 2389A Midway Rd Carrollton (N. Dallas Area), TX

This is what you get and let me tell ya you do get one fab time.
We guarantee a 5-minute stress-relieving scalp treatment with every haircut... or your haircut is FREE!
The pricing is awesome and don't worry "Oh she is a student" many of you know this child has been cutting hair for about 13 years and now she is learning all the correct methods and has caught on very quickly. Teachers are there checking on each step she takes.
YOU can get all the wonderful pricing here
Kassy is Phase 1 right now!

If you are in the Dallas area book her now!

Don't forget to come by and vote for my Soaps at the SafeTeam Blog
I could sure use some love ...comment to cast your vote and voting ends this FRIDAY

Monday, October 19, 2009

Come by and Vote for my favorite Alice in Wonderland Character Soap

It's a simple story of a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole.
It was first told to three little girls (so legend has it) while on traveling five miles in a row boat...Silly little girl that Alice. She should have minded her maners!! She should pay more attention to what she should be doing...not the silly little rabbit. But alas, that pesky hole! What happens next you ask...
Well, the story has been interpreted by so many people, in so many mediums. Now we ask the SAFE team to show us thier interpretations...what is our medium...errrr, SOAP of course!!

This Cheshire Cat Soap is made up of 3 different soaps and took a few steps to create. This soap is created in layers inside of a large cookie cutter, so that you can see his wonderful big white smile and black and yellow eyes. In the background we choose to use the pink and purple colors he liked to turn. We used clear glycerin soap, coconut glycerin soap and goats milk soap.

Only the purple layer is scented. What scent you ask? Well since we truly believe that Mr Carroll himself took a few bong hits (or something stronger perhaps ) when he wrote Alice in Wonderland , this soap is a nice 70's hash brownie scent. Yes it has a wonderful dark chocolate brownie fragrance with a touch of Mary Jane (pot that is).

If you like this soap please post a comment in the Safe Team Blog
Hurry the voting ends on Friday and one lucky poster will get a bar of the winning soap!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Giveaway at Sassy Ornie Patch

Come by our newest Blog Sassy Ornie Patch and follow our blog and get in on our Giveaway!
We will be giving away 2 of our Waffle Cone Ornaments one with nuts, one without!
Image Hosting by

These would be perfect all winter long!
Our Blog has more ways to win too....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I don't know what it is about this time...

Image Hosting by
I want to show off someone I am so proud baby brother Jeremy or Jamie as he is known to some folks to many others Staff Sgt Jeremiah L Keeton. I come from a large family of 5 brothers and 3 sisters. There were 6 of us born close together and then mom had one about 10 yrs later then the baby Jeremy 9 yrs after that. Jeremy was born when I was in college at Union University. He attended Mother Daughter Day at our brand new Zeta Tau Alpha sorority house when he was only 3 months old. Our dad passed away when he was only 3 years old. This is one of our last pictures of Daddy and Jeremy and me in the corner.
Image Hosting by

When he started school I became his room "mom" and started my volunteering career in his classrooms at Sigler Elementary. When he started struggling in Middle School I was the one who went up to the school to talk to them about what was going on. When he was bullied by what we now were gang members...Sandi stepped up and talked to the parents of the bullies. As he went on to high school and things got to hard for him and he wanted to drop out of school I am the person he talked too. He did drop out and studied and got his GED first time he took the test. Now we know dyslexia runs strongly in our family and it explains a whole lot... that and teachers who were just picking up a paycheck. This is one of my favorite pictures of him...HUGE SMILE and the sweetiest kid!
Image Hosting by

Jerermy came to live with me and my family when my girls were very young. He worked beside me and grew up with my girls. He decided to follow his big brothers and join the Army. He is a very smart guy and the Army saw that and he has grown up with them. I can not begin to express how proud we are of him and what he has done with his life. From 12+ years in the Army and meeting his wife Adriana. He has a beautiful family of 3 (one of which I have yet to meet...hopefully at Christmas time.) He has been to many countries, and fought and been wounded fighting for freedom and our country. Today my baby leaves for yet another deployment to Iraq.

Why does is it effecting me more this time than any other deployment? I miss him and his family something awful. He is stationed in Ft Drum NY and I live in Dallas, TX. His youngest angel was born when he was in his last deployment... Last time I saw him was at our mom's memorial service. I have to say the US Army was wonderful allowing him to come home several times to visit with her before she passed and then after she did.  Kassy has started a new blog called Shweet Letters From Home. We'd love for you to come by and follow us. When Jamie gets settled in Iraq he will be sending names and address of soldiers who could use some letters from home and good cheer. Many of our men and women go to war with no one here at home. We  also hope to match up some of the families let behind with those willing to share during the holiday season and also just to let the families know that they are in our thoughts and prayers all the year round. It must be so hard to have your loved one away from you and not knowing how they are doing. Even harder on the kids left behind.
Image Hosting by

So please add our Jamie and his Unit to your prayer lists. We plan to show pictures every so often of him and the girls when they were younger. If you look to the left you will see him as a young cowboy fan with his cousin Josh. Josh still is but I think Jamie is a Giants fan now...being in NY and all.

Thanks for letting me ramble on, it helps a little. I don't know what it is about this deployment that is getting to me so much.... hopefully will be the last one for a while BUT have to say I AM SO PROUD OF MY SOLDIER! Keep our Troops in your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, October 5, 2009

First Monday is here!!! Team Etsy Tx First Monday and there are some great deals and a TON of shoppes

I am so excited I actually remembered to get my info in to our Team and my Shoppe and my specials are listed in our promo thread on ETSY!
Here is the link to the etsy promo thread for October’s First MondaySale:
We have 113 shops participating this month! There were so many we had to post the sale to
the thread in 2 posts because it was so long.

Image Hosting by
Come by my shop (Which i loaded up with new items and I have  new hunters soaps and soft eyeware protectors to add tomorrow along with Fall Dolls with FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA).

My shoppe on etsy is
My specials are ALL PATTERNS are $5.00 Monday only. I will be marking them back up to regular price on Tuesday so get your pattern now before they go up.
ALSO OUR SOAPS: Buy Two Soaps Get a Third Soap at equal or lesser value FREE. Just let me know in the comment box when you pay what soap you want for free. Don't buy it TELL ME Which one.
Try some of my POT HEAD SOAPS... Great way to show the kids what Pot will Do to YA
Just say NO to Drugs
Image Hosting by
Fall is in the AiR it is in the 50s right now here in Texas outside!
What does cool nights bring to mind? Carmel Apples!
Check them out
Image Hosting by
Or maybe you want to get a Fall Pattern so check out our Shweet Gothic Annie Pattern
Image Hosting by
These Shweet Gals will be added tomorrow so stop by and check them out too.
Image Hosting by
Image Hosting by
So come by and shoppe! New to Etsy Sign up and shoppe today!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Today is a Special Day for a Very Special Friend HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGIE with Angie's Raggedy Patch

Today is a very special day for a very SPECIAL Friend in my life! Angie with Angie's Raggedy Patch, Sassy Ornie Patch and Dudleys Corner Primitives on Lemon Poppy Seeds is celebrating today!

I am so proud and blessed to have met Angie through DJ Doodles and have her in my life.
ANGIE Today is YOUR DAY and in My Family today is being celebrated for your friendship, inspiration and love!

I thank God for bring ya to this earth and into my life!

Things to be Thankful For on eBay

Wanted to share with u some of the things we have on eBay right now.
This month our theme is Things we are Thankful for...... I love Fall so mine are all fall based.

Harvest Annie

Image Hosting by

Shweet Mummy

Image Hosting by

Macintosh/Chocolate Carmel Apple Soap

Image Hosting by

Champagne Carmel Apple Soap

Image Hosting by

Here all 3 are in full display

Image Hosting by

Have some more to list today

Come on and click this link to see all the Age*Before* Beauty or AB4B TT offerings


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall is in the Air Carmel Apples Can't Be Far Behind!

Fall is is the air or some times it is around here in Dallas. IT SHOULD be in the Air anyways! We can always pretend anyways. Today I tried to do a little soaping with some ideas Kassy gave me. Here you can see the steps of our famous (or we hope soon to be famous) Carmel Apples...Soap Ones that is!

Check them out you can actually order simple the Apples whole...9oz worth! YUMMO but remember these are goats milk so wash the hands and body not for the mouth and tummy.
Image Hosting by

The second step to making our Carmel Apples is to cut each real size apples into 4 slices. Some folks might want to order a whole Apple pre-sliced for guest soaps. Got ya covered.
Image Hosting by

Then who doesn't love a Carmel Apple unless you are me and I can't eat them but I sure love to make them...the soap kind anyways.
Check them out  in just a little bit at the Country Craft Show Online for the Harvest Hoedown...
Our booth is listed under Bath and Body or Just click on the title above and it will take you straight there. But give me a bit to get them ready for the shoppe. I just had to show them off.
From left to right Champagne Apple with Bats and Pumpkins, Apple Martini with Carmel Latte Bits, MacIntosh Apple with Starbucks Chocolate icing and dried Orange Peels
Image Hosting by
About 10 oz of Soaping Fun! Each apple will come in it's own cello back tied off with homespun. to use just twist the stick and gently seperate the slices.

Great gifts and HEY Paula Deen sells her Carmel Apples year round so why not Us???

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Aunt Manny's Giveaway Awsome Blog and Websites

Come by Aunt Manny's Blog and get in on her giveaway. I met Aunt Manny yrs ago in our eBay group Age*Before*Beauty. She is an amazing primtivie and folks art artist. When eBay started there mess about not allowing digital items such as epatterns and printables, she decided to create a marketplace where everyone was welcomed to sell what you want.
Come by her Aunt Manny's Blog and check out how to win these awesome potion bottles.
Image Hosting by

You really need to check out her website too. It's Aunt Manny's Creations
My favoite thing right now is her "Dipped Letters to Santa"

Come by the blog and get in on the drawing....One look and you will be hooked on Aunt Manny's Creations