Monday, December 28, 2009

We were blessed How about YOU?

This has been a strange but amazing year. Although my family's health as not been the best from skin cancer to ALS... from strokes to depression,,, One thing we did have and that is family. This holiday season has been the best for me personally in a whole lot of years. It began on December 23 with Evie and all "my" family. It was so wonderful to look around the room and see my siblings, thier husbands and wives. I loved looking at all the children and grand children there in the rooms and running around. There were so many faces old and young you just wanted to grab and hugs each one!

Then Christmas Eve came. Hubby got off early and came home to help me wrap and get into the Christmas spirit. Leave it to Marty and Starbucks to make the headache manageable. As the afternoon went on we notices white flakes falling from the sky. The weatherman forecasted snow, but you know how that is...hit or miss and even if it snowed it would not stick as we hit 75 on Evie. Well stick it did and icy to boot! Slow going to get to "Grandma's House" but we did and we enjoyed the holiday with half the family.
God took home a special man in Jae and Tony's life earlier in the week and so he was rested on Eve.

IT makes no difference if you are born of blood or born of friendship,
We are all one big happy family.

Christmas Morning bloomed with all it's white snowy brightness and was truely indeed filled with wonder.
Santa came to visit me very unexpectedly.
He brought my grandsons to visit and more.

Remember "Santa" does listen when you ask for your Christmas Blessings. He filled all of mine above and beyond.
Here's wishing each and everyone of you ,my friends, a Wonderful and Exciting 2010!

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