Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Primitive Journey Community and DFW Chapter

Why u ask?
When looking for a place to meet primitive lovers online, I personally like a place that is friendly.... folks welcome everyone and treat each person as if they have known you for years. I also want a place where folks share. They share of themselves as well as their knowledge. AND lastly I look for a place that is to come in and stay a while.
This Community has it all and MORE.

What are Chapters?
A Primitive Journey has come up with an unique concept where primitive lovers and artist in different cities will be able to meet together to see each other face to face as well as spend time together. It might be something as simple as gathering at a local primitive or antique store to go window shopping ( or shopping for real) or meeting for dinner to talk about what we love most PRIMS. Maybe your city's chapter might want to start a "sewing circle" night once a month where you gather and everyone bring something to work on and you work and visit at the same time.
It is a fun way to get to know face to face your primitive neighbors.
Now what is that big ole Cowboy helmet doing in the middle of our Prim chat? Well..... We are looking for primitive lovers, collectors, artists and crafters in the Dallas/Fort worth Area to join our DFW Chapter.
Once you are approved come in and introduce yourself and then visit the different sections. Don't be shy there are so many places to come in and visit. The HEN HOUSE is where you can come and just visit, FREEBIE section you wil find lots of free patterns and crafts.
OH of course to sign up for our DFW Chapter head over to the section called
Sign Up Here For Chapter Placement.
Last but not least one of the best things about joining a local chapter is ...
There will be a National Convention in August 2011
so you will already know folks and you can travel and stay together.
(I hate going to places alone or where I don't know a face
this makes a National Convention Perfect in my books.)
If you have any questions just drop me a note put APJ in the subject line and I will get right back with ya.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Come One and All and See my New Poppy Halloween Shoppe

I am so excited to announce that I am officially a member of POPPY HALLOWEEN SHOPPES!
I love Halloween, Gothic, Day of the Dead inspired creations and here you swill be able to find these awesome creations all year long. If you like to play with "dead thing" and work in the extreme primitive or folk art style you need to check out joining us as we play around in the graveyard. If you just want to dance amoung the tombstones come by for a visit, You will find us at LemonPoppy Seeds just look for the Logo like the one above.