Monday, August 31, 2009

It's $5.00 Monday on Etsy

It's the 5th Monday of the Month and so it's $5.00 Monday in my shoppe and a whole lot of other Texans' shoppes on Etsy. You can come by Etsy and check out the $5.00 deals by simply typing in ETC5 in the Etsy search box and then click ALL ITEMS or click HERE

In Sassy Soaps N Such shoppe you will find a section packed with $5.00 specials. Some of our dolls and our patterns are all $5.00 today.

Come on over and check out the gang on Etsy's Forum too

This is a great time to get some of your holiday shopping taken care of.
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Shweet Flying Fairy is only $5.00 today and it is our most popular pattern and you will also receive a free Fabric Sailor Hat ePattern today with every pattern purchase.
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Come on over and check out all the amazing handcrafted creations, vintage treasures and supplies for you to do your own creations!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

if you want to email me try my msn

OMG been trying to fix my yahoo email sandi_0510@yahoo .com all day long and it won't go in our out so if you need me email me at good ole msn

Friday, August 28, 2009

Reunions of all sorts....Make the most of them

WOW hard to believe I have been out of high school for OVER 30 years now. This weekend back home in Memphis all the Vikings from several classes are meeting and creating new memories.

Hey gang hope everyone has a blast and I can't wait to see pictures. Sure wish I could be there to see everyone and meet the other "halves" and see kids and grandkids pictures.

I dug around and found a few from the "good ole days". Don't laugh now they are kinda FUNNY although one of them I look at now... and kinda like it. The ROTC one has to be the funniest!

While I was looking for pictures I found a few from my family that made me smile so I thought would share those too for everyone to see .
Here are the orginal six of us Keeton Kids back in '63...Fresh from the Park where our
Elsie won Davis Park Queen!
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This got me thinking about family and friends and reunions. Seems we all wait way to long to visit with each other. Sometimes we wait TOO LONG and that person is no longer here for us to visit with. I know that we have lots of reasons and believe me I AM the Queen of excuses and legit reasons why I can't come for a visit. I have decided that even if I can't visit or re-connet in person, I have the internet and facebook really helps us get in touch with our ole high school and college friends. All I say is I have had a blast re-meeting and remembering my friendships from way back when.
Weddings, Graduations, Birthdays, And Just Because you Miss Each Other... We don't need a reason to get together, just the desire!
Remember the Queen of Davis Park picture from 1963...
Here is the Keeton, Harris, Edwards, Ramirez, Green, Harless,Raymond family in 2007
Image Hosting by
Sadly our Mom is not in the picture, as that picture was our gathering for her Memorial.
Image Hosting by
Image Hosting by
The last time we all gathered as a family was for Megan and Charlie's Wedding and Mom was there. I was looking at these pictures today and just starting crying, remembering how wonderful it was to all be there together for such a wonderful day but sad in that Mom went to heaven 3 short months later.
So don't wait too long to re-connet in person or on online...if you are lucky and can hear pick up the phone and call that ole freind or cousin, aunt, brother, sister, mom or dad... And just say HI!
I found this picure of our Jeremy when he was about 4 or 5...
Image Hosting by
It makes me heart happy and reminds me so much of our special bond!
Hope you pick up the phone, send an email, note or jump in the car and drive cross town and say HI lets visit!
Thanks to my Hillcrest Viking Friends and Union U my Zeta Sisters for our online Reunions!
You have touched me more than you will ever know.
Have fun and I wish i could be there with all of you!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Farmer's Market Soap- We Have a Winner

We have a winner for our Farmer's Market Soap Drawing!

Sorry I took so long.... I made up 4 loaves of soap the same day. I bagged them up 2 whole loaves in one bag and the other 2 loaves where cut and wrapped and placed in a second bag. Well my friendly spirits (Mom and Marty's Dad) have moved one of the bags. Now I am really forgetful with my fibromyligia (funny I can remember things from `20 yrs ago but not yesterday), but one thing I do to help with my foggy memory is to place all my soaps in ONE SPOT. Wrapped or in bags they are all on that certain shelf. Well, the soaps are ALL there except for the bag with the ones I took pictures of.

I think it is Dad cause I gave Mom ( Marty's Mom) a bar of it for her birthday.

So that being said the winner of this soap will be receiving a bar that is larger (8 oz) and has different layers but the same scents.

OKAY I Know you want to know WHO WON????
First there are also winners on the SAFE TEAM BLOG so go see which Safe Team Soap Won.

The Winner of the Farmer's Market Soap is Sunshine*Creations!

Kaela please email me your mailing address....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last chance to get your vote in.......

If you have not voted yet on the NEKKKKKKKED DOLLIE CHALLENGE got a few more hours to get those votes in! Shweet Annie and her Kitty would sure like your vote....

Click HERE to go vote....Don't walk ........RUN.......

Coming Soon: Our Charity

"Shweet Creations 4 Cures"

Wanted to share HOPE with ya

One of my online friends creates the cutest dolls and patterns. I meet her patterns long time before I actually got the honor of visiting online with her. Gini Simpson of Cat and the Fiddle Designs fame is this wonderful artist I am talking about.

I have about 6 of her patterns and I just added a new one to my collection.

HOPE is beautiful! Not only is she a beautiful doll for me to create, but Gini is beautiful herself and is giving back to breast cancer research.

Here is just a little from her newsletter that touched my heart

"She will be for the month of October and she is a Breast Cancer Awareness doll named Hope. The profits made from the sale of this pattern will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer. So, PLEASE, PLEASE even if you don't like the doll, consider buying the pattern anyways to help out such a worthy program that benefits us all. And, you could even donate the pattern to another worthy charity or give it to a friend or family. I normally don't beg so or pressure sell my patterns like this, but this is sooooo important to me that I hope you'll forgive me if I offend any of you."

Gina, YOUdid not offend me NOT AT ALL... in fact she just helped me make the decision to start a Charity where folks can come and post direct links to their items they are selling for good causes like breast cancer awareness and autism (just to name a few). Look for Shweet Creations 4 Cures .com soon.

Now to find Hope you need to go about half way remember you can order paper to be mailed to you or if you are like me and want it NOW order the PDF or ePattern version. Also while you are looking for Hope check out all the other wonderful patterns she has in her shoppe. IF if you don't sew..... Don't worry I bet Gini can find someone to make up that special doll for you.

So if you are looking to order this precious doll click HERE
GINI thanks for the honor and joy of being your online friend and ya'll let's raise some money for Breast Cancer Research and Awarness...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Need your votes

One of my communities i am a member in held a NEKKKKKED Dollie challenge. What we did is we each created a doll body and mailed it to another member. That member dressed the doll as she wanted to our in my case as my nekked dollie told me too.
Here is my Nekkkkked Dollie as she arrived
Image Hosting by
Now her are a couple pictures of her dressed and ready to go out on Halloween night.
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Now I need your help. You can vote on this blog for your favorite and we sure hope it is ours

We'd love for you to let folks know on your blog too about this fun Poll!
Shweet Sandi

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

There are Holes in the Floor of Heaven

This song touched me so much when i saw the video on GAC. I had to go and read the lyrics and now I read them all the time. I had to share it with you because so many of us have lost special folks these past years. I personally lost my mom and my father in law Frank who was been my dad since 1987. My dad who i lost in 1983 .... wow.
I love this picture of Dad with my hubby Marty and one of his brothers.
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Here is a youtube I found not sure how good the sound is, since I am deaf but I really wanted to share this song as it has touched my heart. The lyrics are below.
My Momma. Keelee and Jeremy on Keelee's 1st Christmas almost 22 years ago...Time does fly.

Image Hosting by

M0m made it to Megan's wedding and she was so proud of her grand daugher and new hubby, Charlie!

Image Hosting by

My Mom and Dad...Their last Christmas before the Lord called Daddy home.
Image Hosting by

When I am gone this is what I want played at my service and what I want my family to remember.... There ARE holes in the floor if Heaven......

Holes in the Floor of Heaven by Steve Wariner.....
One day SHY OF eight years old
Grandma passed away
I was a broken hearted little boy,
blowing out that birthday cake

How I cried when the sky let go
with a cold and lonesome rain
Momma smiled said don't be sad child
Grandma's watchin you today
'Cause there's holes in the floor of Heaven
and her tears are pourin' down
that's how you know
she's watchin'wishin' she could be here now

And sometimes if you're lonely
just remember she can seethere's holes in the floor of Heaven
and she's watchin' over you and me

Seasons come and seasons gonothin' stays the same
I grew up fell in love
met a girl who took my name
Year by year we made a life
in this sleepy little town
I thought we'd grow old together
Lord I sure do miss her now

But there's holes in the floor of Heaven
and her tears are pourin' down
that's how you know she's watchin' wishin' she could be here now
and sometimes when I'm lonelyI remember she can see
there's holes in the floor of Heaven
and she's watchin' over you and me
Well my little girl is 23
I walk her down the aisle
it's a shame her mom can't be here now
to see her lovely smile

They throw the rice
I catch her eye
as the rain starts comin' down
she takes my hand says daddy don't be sad 'cause
I know momma's watchin' now
And there's holes in the floor of Heaven
and her tears are pourin down
that's how you know she's watchin'wishin' she could be here now
and sometimes when I'm lonely
I remember she can see
there's holes in the floor of Heaven and she's watchin' over you and me

Watchin' over you and me
Watchin' over you and me
Watchin' over you and me
Lyrics copied from cowboy lyrics

Please share this with those who have angels in heaven looking through the holes and remember you can always talk to those who have passed on. They are around you and are aware of what happens in your life. Take a moment to say "HI and Thanks for giving me such a great life!"

Monday, August 10, 2009

Farmer's Market Soap

Well as usually I am a couple days late so I missed the challenge deadline for one of my etsy Street Team challenges. It really is okay cause it gave me a reason to get to soaping again and now I have a neat giveaway for one of you!

The challenge was to create a soap that was like me.. If I were a soap what would I be.

Well we go to the Farmer's Market almost every weekend and because of my stomach issues fruit is one of the few foods I can actually eat without getting sick. So I decided to create a fun "fruit filled" soap bar. It was fun because it was the first time I have made a mulit layered soap AND it is indeed colorful.

This soap is made with a mix of goats milk and glycerin soap bases with body safe fragrances and dyes. The scents in this Farmer's Market Soap are Lemon, MacInoch Apple, Cucumber, Pomegranate with a touch of Vanilla. The winner will get one 6 oz bar of my Farmer's Market Soap.
HOW Do you win???? Well, I missed out on the contest on the SAFE Team blog but I want you to go over and vote for your favorite Soap Like Me. Come by here and comment which of the soaps was your favorite. I will draw names for one of YOU all to win a 6oz bar of My soap that missed the deadline. Click HERE for the Safe Team Blog to read and vote.
So I can't wait to see which soap you liked an why.......... CAMOUFLAGE is my personal favorite since we have taken up hunting in our "old age".
Image Hosting by
I made up 4 different loaves so i will be listing them on etsy and zibbet tomorrow so make sure to check back for updates.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thanks I'm a Featured Artist ..WOW

I am so honored to be the featured artist this month on a wonderful website called Hidden Farm Primitives

Diana creates the most amazing dolls and patterns!
Image Hosting by

She is also the owner of a wonderful Community called Ol Country Home which also happens to be an Etsy Street Team OCHteam. Ol Country Home is a small group of gals who love to have fun together online and also challenge each other. Right now we are finishing up a Nekkked Dollie Swap. We each sent out a Nekkkked Dollie to a member and they dressed the doll up and Diana will be showing them on her blog soon.
This is my Before....
Image Hosting by
You will have to check her blog for the After soon.

While I have you, wanted to tell you about this new amazing site called Zibbet. It is for handmade, vinatge and supplies. If you are interested in maybe selling on this site click HERE.
If you wanna see my shoppe check it out here
I am adding new creations and patterns every day!

Til tomorrow...have a Shweet Sunday

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Handmade, Vintage and Supply site

Hey all! I found this really cool new place a lot like Etsy but I think better. I'd love to show you my little shoppe

Now this is a new place created by 3 GUYS! But they seem to have things on the ball. They are in the process of changing things around and change can be good.

Right now you can sign up for a shoppe and don't pay anything until you sell something. Then you pay a small commission. Soon they are changing to 2 types of shoppes. A basic shoppe is FREE yep FREE! You list up to 25 items and pay no commissions.

Upgrade to a Premium shoppe for $7.00 a month and have unlimited items and you can reduce your monthly bill by bringing in new shoppe owners.
If you are interested in opening your own shoppe click this link

I think this is a great addition to ebay,etsy and artfire. New way to get your products and name out to the public and one thing I liked is it is easy to list on.

Of course gonna keep my website this is just another place to showcase my creations!

Come over and check it out!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fun Puzzle Piece Soaps

This week one of my eBay groups are listings items and donating % of the winnings to Autism Awareness Charities Worldwide.
I made up couple sets of puzzle piece soaps. I have one listed on eBay right now
Apple Scented Puzzle Piece Soap
Image Hosting by
They can be put together like a real puzzle and oh so much fun for the kids and adults alike.
100% of the sales from theses soaps goes towards Autism!
Fixin to list 2 more sets of black and orange puzzle pieces that smell like Licorice Candy.
Come by and take a look

YOU can find all the listings on eBay by searching AB4B Autism!

Okay if you want to buy some of the puzzle piece soaps and NOT go thru eBay...No problem. Just look to the side menu for the Puzzle Pieces and make your purchase here. I will send the price of each set sold to Autism Speaks here in Dallas. They work closely with the elementary school my girls attended (way back).

Thanks for helping out these special kids and adults!

Remember: Nothing is impossible…even the word says Im Possible

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Come Join the Fun

For a limited time only Ol Country Home Community is open for new members! Come by the community and check it out. We'd love to have you join in the fun. We are a group of gals who love primitive and country things. You will find doll designers, graphic artists and folks who just love to collect and talk about things. We have swaps and challenges if you like that sort of thing and we have a wonderful grouping of Recipes... that I can tell you are wonderful for the tummy!

Come by and check us out and see if you would like to join our online family of friends.
I almost forgot we are also a street team on Etsy. YOU can find us on Etsy by searching OCHteam in the tags....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Autism Charity Auction Going on NOW

Please come by eBay and check out the items up for auction this month from Age*Before*Beauty. We are donating % of our sales to Autism Charities. The beauties will be listings all week long so we hope you will come by and take a peek. There will be Autism themed items as well as Christmas, Halloween and even an Uncle Sam Welcome Sign.
Image Hosting by
I just listed 2 new Autism Faries so please come by and check them out!
You can find all the autions and Buy it Now for AB4B Autism HERE

Hope to see ya this month!
This is one of my dolls..... Ruby A ©Shweet Potato Fairy
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