Friday, August 28, 2009

Reunions of all sorts....Make the most of them

WOW hard to believe I have been out of high school for OVER 30 years now. This weekend back home in Memphis all the Vikings from several classes are meeting and creating new memories.

Hey gang hope everyone has a blast and I can't wait to see pictures. Sure wish I could be there to see everyone and meet the other "halves" and see kids and grandkids pictures.

I dug around and found a few from the "good ole days". Don't laugh now they are kinda FUNNY although one of them I look at now... and kinda like it. The ROTC one has to be the funniest!

While I was looking for pictures I found a few from my family that made me smile so I thought would share those too for everyone to see .
Here are the orginal six of us Keeton Kids back in '63...Fresh from the Park where our
Elsie won Davis Park Queen!
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This got me thinking about family and friends and reunions. Seems we all wait way to long to visit with each other. Sometimes we wait TOO LONG and that person is no longer here for us to visit with. I know that we have lots of reasons and believe me I AM the Queen of excuses and legit reasons why I can't come for a visit. I have decided that even if I can't visit or re-connet in person, I have the internet and facebook really helps us get in touch with our ole high school and college friends. All I say is I have had a blast re-meeting and remembering my friendships from way back when.
Weddings, Graduations, Birthdays, And Just Because you Miss Each Other... We don't need a reason to get together, just the desire!
Remember the Queen of Davis Park picture from 1963...
Here is the Keeton, Harris, Edwards, Ramirez, Green, Harless,Raymond family in 2007
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Sadly our Mom is not in the picture, as that picture was our gathering for her Memorial.
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The last time we all gathered as a family was for Megan and Charlie's Wedding and Mom was there. I was looking at these pictures today and just starting crying, remembering how wonderful it was to all be there together for such a wonderful day but sad in that Mom went to heaven 3 short months later.
So don't wait too long to re-connet in person or on online...if you are lucky and can hear pick up the phone and call that ole freind or cousin, aunt, brother, sister, mom or dad... And just say HI!
I found this picure of our Jeremy when he was about 4 or 5...
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It makes me heart happy and reminds me so much of our special bond!
Hope you pick up the phone, send an email, note or jump in the car and drive cross town and say HI lets visit!
Thanks to my Hillcrest Viking Friends and Union U my Zeta Sisters for our online Reunions!
You have touched me more than you will ever know.
Have fun and I wish i could be there with all of you!


Sunshines*Creations said...

Oh Sandi your Pics are so touching.. I love your highschool pics... I agree we should all try to keep in touch how ever we can with our family and friends. I thank God for facebook this is how I've been able to keep in touch with aunts, uncles, and cousin. It's been nice.. Thank you for sharing your story and pictures...

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Life passes so quickly -- it's a quick trip through...

Love those pix of you in high school!

By the won on my bloggie...pick yer earrings...LOL...