Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wanted to share HOPE with ya

One of my online friends creates the cutest dolls and patterns. I meet her patterns long time before I actually got the honor of visiting online with her. Gini Simpson of Cat and the Fiddle Designs fame is this wonderful artist I am talking about.

I have about 6 of her patterns and I just added a new one to my collection.

HOPE is beautiful! Not only is she a beautiful doll for me to create, but Gini is beautiful herself and is giving back to breast cancer research.

Here is just a little from her newsletter that touched my heart

"She will be for the month of October and she is a Breast Cancer Awareness doll named Hope. The profits made from the sale of this pattern will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer. So, PLEASE, PLEASE even if you don't like the doll, consider buying the pattern anyways to help out such a worthy program that benefits us all. And, you could even donate the pattern to another worthy charity or give it to a friend or family. I normally don't beg so or pressure sell my patterns like this, but this is sooooo important to me that I hope you'll forgive me if I offend any of you."

Gina, YOUdid not offend me NOT AT ALL... in fact she just helped me make the decision to start a Charity where folks can come and post direct links to their items they are selling for good causes like breast cancer awareness and autism (just to name a few). Look for Shweet Creations 4 Cures .com soon.

Now to find Hope you need to go about half way remember you can order paper to be mailed to you or if you are like me and want it NOW order the PDF or ePattern version. Also while you are looking for Hope check out all the other wonderful patterns she has in her shoppe. IF if you don't sew..... Don't worry I bet Gini can find someone to make up that special doll for you.

So if you are looking to order this precious doll click HERE
GINI thanks for the honor and joy of being your online friend and ya'll let's raise some money for Breast Cancer Research and Awarness...

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What a beautiful doll and a beautiful cause! She is just precious from top to toe.

P.S. Thanks for the Zibbet info you shared in an earlier post! I have a little "banner" store over there now. I like how easy it is to list there.