Friday, January 30, 2009

Updates at Lemon Poppy Seeds and More

Well it is almost the 1st of the next month so I decided to go ahead and update my Lemon Poppy Seeds Shoppe for Valentine's Day. Come by and check out all the new yummy and grubby goodies we have to offer.

I think one of my favorites to create was this Cupid
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One of the new things that our Poppy eBay group is doing this year is holding Friday Challenges. What that is on each Friday we will be given a word, phrase, picture or idea and we create one thing that next week using that theme. We will show off our creations on our Lemon Poppy Seeds Blog and list the next week's Challenge. It's something fun and inspiring to do and right now there is a giveaway connected to last Friday's Challenge so come on over!

So for Jan 23 our Challenge was Love: "Grow old with me! The best is yet to be". ~Robert Browning

You can find my finished Challenge in my Poppy Shoppe and you will be able to see all the finished challenges on our Xtreme Prim blog

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Handmade needs your help

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Handmade really needs your help! Please come read about the law that congress has passed and how it will effect you! It makes no different if you have children or grandchildren this law will touch everyone and not in a good way. Prices will go up and libraries will be closed.
PLEASE let your voice be heard.

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On Jan 26, the CPSC posted two videos of two recent meetings on the CPSIA- One on children’s apparel, the other on publishers of children’s books.
You can watch them both here:
I am deaf so waiting for someone to post what is being said soon. If you are a hearing person please go by and check out the links!

Well now I am going back to making my illegal dolls that are made for ages 13 and above but since kids would like them they will be banned . And eating my first loat of gluten free chocolate pumpkin bread...YUMMO!

This is my newest the Shabby Country Style.
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Help save her please!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chocolate Giveaway!

Everyone loves chocolate and The Painted Daisy Blog is holding a chocolate lovers giveaway! OMGoodness it would send anyone into chocolate heaven! Go over and check it out

Today is a really odd day in Dallas...some of us are getting Ice and some of us are getting rain...depends on which street ya live on. Right now we are getting rain and Chico and I are sitting and watching it come down...nice and wet.

Well I better bet back to my sewing machine. I am working on a bunny and some ornies to send out for a prize in our Trinkets to Treasures or T2T Team on etsy. Stay tune for more info on how you can win this HUGE prize.

First Monday is around the corner and I better get some goodies into my Etsy shoppe so I can take part is my Texas Street Team's 1st Monday.
Country Fried and Lemon Poppy Seeds are both ending our Garage Sales so come by and shoppe before the sales are over.
Country Fried Primitives
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Lemon Poppy Seeds
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Been a Busy Week

Well it sure has been a busy week at my house. We started the week with Kassy's 18th Birthday, Tuesday was a Historical day in America and I stayed glued to the tv all day watching the events. Of course I was sewing while watching. Friday I spent the afternoon in the hospital having all kinds of "fun" tests run. Got some good news and some not so good news. No signs of cancer but I do have an ulcer. Hope to get more news in 2 weeks when the biposy results come in. This week I get to visit a new Neuro doctor so Think about me on Tuesday.

While I have been sitting here in the apartment I had fun making up some new dolls. One of the dolls is made from a pattern by Patti's Ratties, The little Irish Monkey turned out cute.
Then i decided to make up some of my own so I made a cute little kitty and couple Cupids for Valentine's Day. Last I decided to make a Spring Bunny. You can check them out below...I have not decided where to list them yet...ebay...etsy... Country Fried Primitives...BUT REMEMBER they are for ages 13 and OVER.
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I really like Melly and Me patterns so much I ordered 3 more for myself. I made up another of the big 23" monkey. This one is an Irish Monkey but i think he needs a hat... What do you think?
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This week I need to work on my FOCD Penny Challenge Doll. This is the first time I have made a doll of this type and I have to do a whole lot of reading before I start on her. MAN she has a whole lot of parts!

Well time for me to go and rest so I better head off to the recliner now. Good thing my wonderful hubby set up my sewing machine close to my recliner. I can relax and sew to my hearts content!

Til tomorrow....
Lots of hugs

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Baby is 18 today

It is so hard to believe that my baby is 18 today! WOW soon mom and daddy will be the only ones at home. OH can't forget Chico! He will be here to keep mom company. My 4 legged baby who will never go off to college.
I cried at her Sweet 16 party dancing with her... My beautiful baby is growing up!
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and she surprised me by getting Chico and training him to be my ears
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Now she is a senior and planning on how she will live the next part of her life!
I am very lucky to have her in my house and heart!
Kassy may grow up and move away but she will always be MY BABY!
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Happy Birthday to My Angel Kassy!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do you live in Dallas? Sell on ETSY? Check out this....

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Etsy Dallas is a group of artists who live within the 30 mile radius of Dallas TX and who all sell on Etsy. This street team as Etsy calls their groups, is composed of artist in all styles and art forms. YOU will find an idea of what all these team members create by typing in etsydallasteam in the Etsy Search box under tags or click here :

From Jan 15- Jan 31 Etsy Dallas will be taking Membership applications. If you are intersted in joining this JURIED ETSY Street Team check out the info on ETSY Dallas's Blog.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Relaxing and Creating

WOW the whole month of Jan I am offically off. IT is odd to say the least. I am planning to work on changing out my websites and playing around with Just Doodlin Around once Kassy heads back to school on Tuesday and Marty is at work. I need to make a couple doctor appts to find out why I can't seem to eat anymore but other than that I have been playing around with fun patterns and even working on a few of my own.

Check out this cute Monkey created for the teenager in your life or maybe someone who collects Monkeys or loves cupcakes!
He is nice size too 23" and just the cutest thing

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With Valentine's right around the corner I created this Hearts a Fire Monkey geared to the Man in your life. Not of foo foo so I think it would be perfect for the man caves out there. Add a 6 pack of his favorite beer and the perfect Valentine's Gift. My man gave it the Man Stamp of approval.
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These monkey's were created by using a pattern by Melly and Me! You can find their blog on my blog roll to the left.

My neice was over the other day and she wanted to create a doll or two so we made up a bear. When she left I made up a couple of bears. These would be awesome for teenagers or bear collectors. Going to make up scented pillows to go with the bears. Olivia created and designed her very own doll SOOOO Aunt Sandi is going to be making the Olivia baby into a pattern so you can make one with your own little one too.
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With the coming of CPSIA as the way it stands now I just have to remember to let everyone know that NONE Of my dolls are made for folks under the age of 13.

I just joined a Doll Group and am looking forward to learning more about doll making and how to create art dolls too.
So off I go to finish my newest ANGEL and I have a trio of dolls in my head for Sisters. It really wants to come out and onto paper soon so I better head off to my table to draw.

Happy Jan everyone and stay warm and safe! AND of course Keep Crafting!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

CPSIA will it effect YOU?

If you have not heard or read about this change in law or think it won't effect you ...check out the link! read the info and them contact your elected officials for help im protecting the small business owners!

This is NOT just about Toy Makers who want to sell but each and everyone who sells handcrafted items. It will effect you and the ability for you to sell your products after Feb 9, 2009.

ALERT!!! Crafters of products of toys for children! You are about to have to pay to have every product tested for lead! Even wood toys and cloth dolls!!!

Overview and Discussion here:

There is a You can \'Vote\' on this topic at

PLEASE the business YOU help save My just be your own!