Sunday, January 4, 2009

Relaxing and Creating

WOW the whole month of Jan I am offically off. IT is odd to say the least. I am planning to work on changing out my websites and playing around with Just Doodlin Around once Kassy heads back to school on Tuesday and Marty is at work. I need to make a couple doctor appts to find out why I can't seem to eat anymore but other than that I have been playing around with fun patterns and even working on a few of my own.

Check out this cute Monkey created for the teenager in your life or maybe someone who collects Monkeys or loves cupcakes!
He is nice size too 23" and just the cutest thing

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With Valentine's right around the corner I created this Hearts a Fire Monkey geared to the Man in your life. Not of foo foo so I think it would be perfect for the man caves out there. Add a 6 pack of his favorite beer and the perfect Valentine's Gift. My man gave it the Man Stamp of approval.
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These monkey's were created by using a pattern by Melly and Me! You can find their blog on my blog roll to the left.

My neice was over the other day and she wanted to create a doll or two so we made up a bear. When she left I made up a couple of bears. These would be awesome for teenagers or bear collectors. Going to make up scented pillows to go with the bears. Olivia created and designed her very own doll SOOOO Aunt Sandi is going to be making the Olivia baby into a pattern so you can make one with your own little one too.
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With the coming of CPSIA as the way it stands now I just have to remember to let everyone know that NONE Of my dolls are made for folks under the age of 13.

I just joined a Doll Group and am looking forward to learning more about doll making and how to create art dolls too.
So off I go to finish my newest ANGEL and I have a trio of dolls in my head for Sisters. It really wants to come out and onto paper soon so I better head off to my table to draw.

Happy Jan everyone and stay warm and safe! AND of course Keep Crafting!


The Muse said...

oh gosh golly...aren't those too cute? LOL I mean REALLY CUTE lol!

The Muse said...

Had to show these to my grand daughter...she loves them !!!

Diana said...

CUTE Monkeys Sandi!!!Stop on by myBlog and snag your award:)Diana

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Those are all great Sandi! My favorites are the monkeys! Thay are way too cute.

Sharon/primthyme said...

Hi,Love your creations ! Please stop by my blog,I have an award for you .
Prim Hugs,