Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Handmade needs your help

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Handmade really needs your help! Please come read about the law that congress has passed and how it will effect you! It makes no different if you have children or grandchildren this law will touch everyone and not in a good way. Prices will go up and libraries will be closed.
PLEASE let your voice be heard.

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On Jan 26, the CPSC posted two videos of two recent meetings on the CPSIA- One on children’s apparel, the other on publishers of children’s books.
You can watch them both here:
I am deaf so waiting for someone to post what is being said soon. If you are a hearing person please go by and check out the links!

Well now I am going back to making my illegal dolls that are made for ages 13 and above but since kids would like them they will be banned . And eating my first loat of gluten free chocolate pumpkin bread...YUMMO!

This is my newest the Shabby Country Style.
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Help save her please!


The Muse said...

It's awful! ~ and we have sent a letter to our reps!

But on happier news...I love your cute bunny...!!!

Cookie said...

I agree... terrible!!

It's a good thing you posted a pic of this sweet lil whimsical bunny to take the bitter taste away ♥