Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Favorite NEW Places

Good morning! It is a very chilly morning in Dallas. While I wait for Sassy Kassy to get ready for school I thought I would share some of my favorite new places on the web.

I have to admit I am a pattern-hoic. I think that is because I am a self taught sewer and I love the way most of the primitive gals create their patterns. They make them so easy to understand and follow. They really inspire me to create me things and make it so affordable to do so. AND what makes it even better is INSTANT Patterns or e-patterns. It is find, click, buy and pay then download the pattern.

Come check out this new and wonderful epatternshoppe with me.

I am a new pattern designer myself and hope to be accepted to this awesome site.
One of my favorite designers is The Primitive Nook.

She has so many different seasonal patterns... My favorties are her snow folks!
Image Hosting by

If you like PRIMITIVE and Exciting...You need to check out Renee's e-patterns. Renee' with Crows Roost Primitives has been a online friend of mine for a while. We are in a wonderful group on eBay called AGE*BEFORE*BEAUTY or AB4B in the eBay search box will find us all. Renee' has a shoppe on epatternshoppe where she sells her extreme primitive patterns.
This is one of my favorites from her: SNOW ANGEL ANGIE
Image Hosting by

You can also find Renee's finished goodies at Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace!

If you sell or buy patterns you need to check out the epattern shoppe. If you want to see your own e-patterns and realize instant success check out how you can join the designers already there....

More Favorites

Another new thing I discovered this week is a super seller on etsy. This gal is amazing with her hands. She creates the most awesome GLUTEN FREE creations. Many more folks are looking to remove gluten from their diets. Some because they found it creates allergies and others they have found it decreases the problems associated with ADD and ADHD. I also know of folks who have increased success with their learning differences when they have taken gluten out of their diet. Whatever the reason I know it is so hard to find good tasting and affordable gluten free mixes and products.
I am so impressed with this gal!
Here is a little info from her shoppe:
Welcome to Glutenada - offering the very best in premium gluten-free Dry Mixes and gluten-free Baked Goods. Our products are SO good, you'll never know they are gluten-free!

Each of our mixes has been carefully created and tested on a variety of willing participants, many of whom do not need to eat gluten-free foods. We wanted to make sure our breads, pancakes, doughnut holes and other products could pass muster with the most critical of all eaters - those who can eat anything. And they did! Our gluten-free mixes contain none of the gluten but ALL of the taste. You can feed any of our delicious products to anyone you'd like - they'll never know that you're feeding them gluten-free food.

Check out this gluten free cupcake.... it come ready to eat and is ONE POUND!
Image Hosting by

They ship all over the USA and the cupcakes arrive FRESH!

But one of my favorites is this mix. Chocolate Chip Cookies. My poor brother-in-law sure misses his CC Cookies but not for long. We are sending him a mix to make his own gluten free chocolate chip cookies.
Don't they look yummy!
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One last new place I would love to share with you is Country Crafts Directory!
It has just changed to new management and looks wonderful! This is a great place to come and add you links. Bring in new clients and go shopping yourself. You can find at all the GRAND OPENING SPECIALS here

Hope to see you there soon.

Thanks for letting me share some of my new favorties...Love to hear from you on your favorites too@!
Til later.......

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Time to get ready for Thanksgiving

HARD to believe that Halloween is next week...Soon it will be time for Thanksgiving then opening gifts!

Sassy Soaps N Such has been working hard at creating new and fun soaps for the Fall and Winter season. We recently added Pumpkin Pie Turkey Soaps to our line and will be adding Grubby Pumpkin Pie Soaps Balls tonight.
Image Hosting by

These soaps make great soaps for your bath this fall season. They would also be great Hostess gifts for the cook this Thanksgiving.
If you like or create primitive soaps you need to head over to Primitive Ponderings
and get hooked up with this brand new Primitive Scented Marketplace opening soon. Check them out at

Image Hosting by

We hope you will come by for a visit....
Til tomorrow

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trinkets2Tresures or T2T on Etsy

I am so honored to be a member of a wonderful team of artist on etsy called Trinkets 2 Tresures.... Don't take my word for it check out just some of their work in this treasury.

When you visit ETSY at just type in T2T in the search box and you will find over 400 items to choose from!
Start your holiday shopping NOW! Just to get you in the mood here are a couple goodies to peek at... From Folk Art From the Heart
Image Hosting by

From Prairie Harvest Arts
Image Hosting by

From AuntieB56
Image Hosting by

To see more from this amazing Etsy Street Team just enter T2T in the search box OR click on the title above....

Til Tomorrow......

Monday, October 20, 2008

Come Join the Gang!

If you are looking for a great way to advertise your website and one that has low cost then Just Doodlin Around is perfect for you!

Just Doodlin' Around was created when Elizabeth with Craft From My Heart, mentioned that she would like a low cost or free way for artists and crafters to help each other. She chatted to Sandi with Always Crafty 2 & Sassy Soaps N Such and Just Doodlin' Around was born.To find out more about Just Doodlin' Around and how we were born check out our website. We'd love to have your join us and to get more info on how to do just that check out Join Us on our website.

Jessica with Jessica's Doodles is our graphic artist! YOU can check out her website at

Thanks Liz for coming up with such a great idea!
Now come over and peek we are looking for new JDA Members

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rusty Tin Roof E-Zine Fall Issue is OUT!

So proud to announce the Fall issue of Rusty Tin Roof E-Zine is now out. Come over and download your copy today!
There are free patterns, fun things to do with your family and lots more!
The E-zine is 55 pages packed full of primtive goodness!

Rusty Tin Roof, the Online Crafts Magazine with a Country~Prim ambience and charm you can enjoy right from the comfort of your very own Home!

Once you get there click on the magazine cover to get YOUR Fall issue TODAY!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

So excited I have a new Pattern for YOU

A HUGE Thanks to Becky with Mulberry Memories for helping me convert my paper patterns into PDFs or e-patterns! You can check out Becky's Goodies on her website
If you hurry you might even catch one of her dolls that are on eBay right now.
This witch doll greeter is awesome
Image Hosting by

My newest pattern was just added to my website in both e-pattern and paper pattern form.
Loopy The Turkey is an original Always Crafty 2 doll that I created a few years back and was named by my Brooke and Jacob. I decided it was time to share Loopy with all of you.
The pattern is 15 pages long and you has instructions for making both styles shown.
Image Hosting by
You can find our patterns at Always Crafty2

Now off to work on my newest Doll and pattern ....
Til tomorrow

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Check out these Prim Patterns

Oh My word.... Check out these awesome primitive winter patterns from Denise with Primitive Palace. Image Hosting by

Denise is part of an online eBay group called Age*Before*Beauty or AB4B. You can find all our listings on eBay if you type in AB4B in the search box. Anyways I am looking for cool primitive things to feature each day this week and they need to be from AB4B members. I find Denise's patterns and go NUTTZZZZ! I love them all! YOU MUST go check out her listings she has the most prim Halloween Eyes created by her 11 yr old daughter! Way to go! Start them off early and we will have our new generation of prim designers!

You can find her on eBay
and on Etsy the handmade site

Make sure you check out her blog and sign up to get her Feeds everytime she blogs.
Remember to sign up for my blog updates too!

Till later today.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tag You're IT

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I've been Tagged!!!

Looks like I've been tagged by my good friend Dawn who just opened a brand new online shoppe Prairie Girl Boutique.

Dawn creates the cutest CUPCAKE ornaments and you have to check out her blog to find out about her Elves!

Image Hosting by

Before I forget, the rules are:
1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are 7 random facts about Sandi:
1. I am late life deaf, I can only hear noise.
2. I am one of 8 kids.
3. I scheduled my college classes around General Hospital and Luke and Laura’s 1st wedding.
4. I want to open up an Arts N Crafts store where one can create crafts and you can also buy them ready made. (ALL Handcrafted of course!)
5. I have watched One Life to Live since I was 10 years old (WOW almost 40 years.)
6. I taught myself to sew.
7. I turn on Christmas music in the summer while I work on Christmas creations, even though I can not longer hear the words.

Now I get the fun job of tagging some of my blogging friends!

1. Angie with Angie’s Raggedy Patch
2. Anna with House of Mouse
3. Liz with Craft From My Heart
4. Kelly with Mystical Entities
5. Mo with Wings and Paws Primitives
6. Kim with Valley Primitives
7. Sue with Rabbit Hollow’s Spooky Spells N Snowbells


Updates at Lemon Poppy Seeds AND Country Fried Primitives

NEW Primitve updates today at both Country Fried Primitves and Lemon Poppy Seeds!

Both Marketplaces have nice prim and spicy goodies from Always Crafty 2
Come by and check out our goodies and the offerings from all the talented artists!

This wreath is in our Country Fried Primitive Shoppe
Image Hosting by

And these bowl fillers are in our Poppy Shoppe. Only one set so hop on over and order yours today!
Image Hosting by

Check back tomorrow for the release of our newest pattern ...Loppy The Turkey!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Artsefest Another Place For YOU to Shoppe

Come by and check out all the artists at Artsefest!
Artsefest is a creative works showcase, where unique handmade artse & crafts are sold! They feature vendors from all over the United States, selling a variety of distinctive gift items for yourself or that special someone. You can purchase or sell handmade crafts from the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Artsefest is where we started out and I have lots of friends who sell there.
We are in the process of updating our listings there so come on by and visit!

We are adding new patterns this week to Always Crafty 2 ...just in time for Thanksgiving..Loopy the Turkey.
Image Hosting by

Til tomorrow...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Check out our NEW Doll Pattern!

I am so excited to announce that Always Crafty 2 has started creating Patterns!
I love Carm with Shweet Potato Designs graphics and she has allowed me to create dolls and now patterns using her graphics as inspiration. Check out her graphics:

I just added both an E-pattern and paper pattern for Pudgy and Pumpkin a Shweet Potato Doll by Always Crafty 2. This 13" tall is just the cutest thing.

I am a self taught sewer so I write patterns the way I think and talk. I like to add tips and hints that I have learned from friends here on the web.

Come by and check her out!

Image Hosting by

More patterns to come...
Til tomorrow

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Online Craft Shows are the way to GO

MAN OH MAN I love online craft shows. They are so much fun to stock and even more fun to shop!
You can find a couple craft shows online right now.
One that I love is Country Craft Show Online
It is open 24/7 every single day of the year. Never closes. Everlasting.
Come by and check out all the goodies and play the games too.

Another show some of friends are part of is EZCraft Show
It's going on right now and is open different times of the year.
There's alot of goodies in Diana's Shoppe....come by and visit. Get your holiday shopping done early. I know I am ordering me some holiday room sprays! They are awesome and the scents are long lasting.

Another online craft show going on right now is Painted Daisy Craft Show. But scheduled to end on OCT 8 ... if you have time hope over before they close and check out the candles!
IT is small and intimate but packed full of goodies.
Ami has outdone herself setting up this show!

We'll time to grab my water and go shopping...IT sure is nice shopping in my PJs... Til tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hey everyone YOU have to check out this awesome Treasury West on ETSY...YOU know the mostly all handmade site...(you can find supplies and vintage there too.)
T2T or Trinkets 2 Treasures etsy street team is made up of a wonderful assortment of talented artists. This treasury showcases some of our artwork. I am so proud they included my Santa Ornies in Some Great Ideas from T2T Team. Come over and check us out and make sure to leave a comment.
Image Hosting by

Come by and visit Always Crafty 2 and check out our FREEBIE section. We added a tutorial today. FREE!!!
We also update out Home Scent Section with lots of nice and fun soaps from Sassy Kassy.
Stop by and check them out!
Til tomorrow...........

Monday, October 6, 2008

Thank you so much

Just wanted to pop in and thank each and everyone of you for donating your time and money to our recent NCCC Charity Auction. We raised over $600.00 to all go to Cervical Cancer.
This disease has hit so many women I know and we want to make sure that it stops soon!

Thanks so much from the depth of my heart!

Friday, October 3, 2008

NCCC Charity Auction ending soon on eBay

Image Hosting by

The first NCCC Charity Auction will be ending later today so there is still time for you to hope over to ebay and get your bid in. There are wonderful beautiful angels and seasonal goodies up for winning. The best thing is all money raised from this auction will go to NCCC...

Image Hosting by

The NCCC charity is an IRS-approved charitable organization, and one which is very near and dear to our hearts. The National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC) founded in 1996, is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to serving women with, or at risk for, cervical cancer and HPV disease.

Image Hosting by

Some of these pretties have no bids and this is for a good cause...Please come by and see if you need one or more of these angels for you home.

Image Hosting by

Check them out

Image Hosting by

Soapy Thursday

Today or i should say yesterday was a soapy day. I spent the day working on soaps for a wholesale order AND making couple new ones too. Then I made up my own primitive spice mixture and applied it to everything i could find... MY Apt sure smells good, My only problem is I am wide awake!
Do you like MICE?
Image Hosting by
Just adding him to my etsy shoppe and my country craft show booth.... he has a gray brother too

If you like fall check out the fall listings from Age*Before*Beauty
Here are my spicy fall items
Image Hosting by

Here they all are

and while you are there take a mintue and bid on something from the NCCC Charity Auctions

Til tomorrow.....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back to School Contest Winner is...........

Image Hosting by
[SIZE="5"]Special thanks to the websites who worked together on this fun Contest.Each of the following shoppes gave away a $10.00 gift certificate good in their online stores

[/SIZE][SIZE="4"][B]Angie’s Raggedy Patch[/B]

[B]Always Crafty 2[/B]

[B]JD Digi Designs[/B]

[B]Prim Wishes and Dreams[/B]

[B]Kathy’s Kandles and Krafts[/B][B]Country Crow Stitches[/B]

[B]Sassy Soaps N Such[/B][/SIZE]

[B][SIZE="6"]The lucky winner of $70.00 worth of Gift Certificates is.......

DONNA R from Milton, FL [/SIZE][/B]