Thursday, October 16, 2008

Check out these Prim Patterns

Oh My word.... Check out these awesome primitive winter patterns from Denise with Primitive Palace. Image Hosting by

Denise is part of an online eBay group called Age*Before*Beauty or AB4B. You can find all our listings on eBay if you type in AB4B in the search box. Anyways I am looking for cool primitive things to feature each day this week and they need to be from AB4B members. I find Denise's patterns and go NUTTZZZZ! I love them all! YOU MUST go check out her listings she has the most prim Halloween Eyes created by her 11 yr old daughter! Way to go! Start them off early and we will have our new generation of prim designers!

You can find her on eBay
and on Etsy the handmade site

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Till later today.....

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