Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Favorite NEW Places

Good morning! It is a very chilly morning in Dallas. While I wait for Sassy Kassy to get ready for school I thought I would share some of my favorite new places on the web.

I have to admit I am a pattern-hoic. I think that is because I am a self taught sewer and I love the way most of the primitive gals create their patterns. They make them so easy to understand and follow. They really inspire me to create me things and make it so affordable to do so. AND what makes it even better is INSTANT Patterns or e-patterns. It is find, click, buy and pay then download the pattern.

Come check out this new and wonderful epatternshoppe with me.

I am a new pattern designer myself and hope to be accepted to this awesome site.
One of my favorite designers is The Primitive Nook.

She has so many different seasonal patterns... My favorties are her snow folks!
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If you like PRIMITIVE and Exciting...You need to check out Renee's e-patterns. Renee' with Crows Roost Primitives has been a online friend of mine for a while. We are in a wonderful group on eBay called AGE*BEFORE*BEAUTY or AB4B in the eBay search box will find us all. Renee' has a shoppe on epatternshoppe where she sells her extreme primitive patterns.
This is one of my favorites from her: SNOW ANGEL ANGIE
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You can also find Renee's finished goodies at Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace!

If you sell or buy patterns you need to check out the epattern shoppe. If you want to see your own e-patterns and realize instant success check out how you can join the designers already there....

More Favorites

Another new thing I discovered this week is a super seller on etsy. This gal is amazing with her hands. She creates the most awesome GLUTEN FREE creations. Many more folks are looking to remove gluten from their diets. Some because they found it creates allergies and others they have found it decreases the problems associated with ADD and ADHD. I also know of folks who have increased success with their learning differences when they have taken gluten out of their diet. Whatever the reason I know it is so hard to find good tasting and affordable gluten free mixes and products.
I am so impressed with this gal!
Here is a little info from her shoppe:
Welcome to Glutenada - offering the very best in premium gluten-free Dry Mixes and gluten-free Baked Goods. Our products are SO good, you'll never know they are gluten-free!

Each of our mixes has been carefully created and tested on a variety of willing participants, many of whom do not need to eat gluten-free foods. We wanted to make sure our breads, pancakes, doughnut holes and other products could pass muster with the most critical of all eaters - those who can eat anything. And they did! Our gluten-free mixes contain none of the gluten but ALL of the taste. You can feed any of our delicious products to anyone you'd like - they'll never know that you're feeding them gluten-free food.

Check out this gluten free cupcake.... it come ready to eat and is ONE POUND!
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They ship all over the USA and the cupcakes arrive FRESH!

But one of my favorites is this mix. Chocolate Chip Cookies. My poor brother-in-law sure misses his CC Cookies but not for long. We are sending him a mix to make his own gluten free chocolate chip cookies.
Don't they look yummy!
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One last new place I would love to share with you is Country Crafts Directory!
It has just changed to new management and looks wonderful! This is a great place to come and add you links. Bring in new clients and go shopping yourself. You can find at all the GRAND OPENING SPECIALS here

Hope to see you there soon.

Thanks for letting me share some of my new favorties...Love to hear from you on your favorites too@!
Til later.......

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