Sunday, September 27, 2009

Aunt Manny's Giveaway Awsome Blog and Websites

Come by Aunt Manny's Blog and get in on her giveaway. I met Aunt Manny yrs ago in our eBay group Age*Before*Beauty. She is an amazing primtivie and folks art artist. When eBay started there mess about not allowing digital items such as epatterns and printables, she decided to create a marketplace where everyone was welcomed to sell what you want.
Come by her Aunt Manny's Blog and check out how to win these awesome potion bottles.
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You really need to check out her website too. It's Aunt Manny's Creations
My favoite thing right now is her "Dipped Letters to Santa"

Come by the blog and get in on the drawing....One look and you will be hooked on Aunt Manny's Creations

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