Saturday, September 12, 2009

From Hoppy Bunnies to Reindeer Raggedy Ann Can Found

This week we are celebrating Raggedy Ann's Birthday. To check out what a whole mess of folks say about this lovable gal ---------> click on the Annie graphic to the right and visit the blogs listed.
Today Annie decided she wanted to play dress up as some of her favorite critters and I could not stop her.
She wanted to remember spring so she dug out her Bunny outfits... some were very traditional....
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Now this gal likes to play with her friends and doesn't care if they are all dressed in satin...Andy even came along for the play date.
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Annie know that the prim world loves Homespun fabric so she hopped into this little outfit for all the prim lovers out there.
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I told her to stay out of the dirt but she was just having to much fun rolling around so she said she was a little extreme prim and you all would love her anyways.
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Now time for Christmas......
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Annie wanted me to tell you that she will be showcasing her new Holiday line later today so make sure you come back OH and she invited Andy to come too.

So Happy Birthday Raggedy Ann and "YES" you can birthday cake for breakfast!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I will join Annie by eating cake for breakfast, too!!!

I love all of her holiday looks, and that extreme-prim look is fantastic! Even her carrot is prim!