Thursday, September 17, 2009

PIF Wednesday (Pay It Forward)

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Well yesterday was WEDNESDAY so it was Pay it Forward Day. For those of you who don't know Oprah started the PIF phase and my family took this one on to heart. Every Wednesday we each try to do something special to others without expecting to get anything back. It just comes from our heart. When I have money on my RED Starbucks card (which gives back itself when I use it) I will swing by one of my 2 local Starbucks for my special headache reducing drink. The folks there know me and know on Wednesdays I usually pay for the car behind me. Yesterday was no different as I pulled up to the window by favorite Mohawk Starbucks Dude asked PIF today? "Why Yes of Course" as I handed him my red starbucks card..."the Car behind you has order $17.00 worth of drinks is that okay". Yep go right ahead I just will cut back on my own drinks this week. Well today as I drove up Mohawk Dude let me know that my simple act of PIF went on for 16 cars yesterday! FIRST time he saw a difference and PIF working. He in turn started telling others as they drove up that it was a PIF Wednesday and he had 10 other folks Pay It Forward as they picked up their order.

Warms the heart to know that one simple act of kindness can spread like a rock hitting the surface of a lake.

So I know it is not Wednesday but we can make an exception... PIF Thursday.... What have you done today to PIF?
It can be something as easy as a free pdf pattern,picking up the tab at the drivein window when you grab lunch, send out Hello and have a great day text to everyone on your phone list.

This week we celebrated the 22nd birthday of my oldest chick Keelee. Several online artists and ebayers did some extra special kindess to make sure she had a wonderful birthday. Of course I ordered late but they worked hard to make sure she has gifts for her birthday.

If you like to read books on your computer check out this ebayer.
payless4more She wanted to make sure Keelee had something to open so she emailed us not only the ebooks we won on ebay but 3 more sets of books for her.

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Now I have to tell you about a very special artisian on Etsy, themiscellany or Dianna Walsh. Keelee was crusing on Etsy and she fell in love with this themiscellany work. She showed me and of course I ordered her favorite piece for her birthday hopeing it would get here for our birthday cause the artist lives a few little towns away. Well it DID make it for her birthday along with both a sweet note to me and an inspiring note to Keelee. Along with the necklace we ordered, she sent Keelee a beautiful hand drawn 8x11 original work of her art. If you want to see the print created from this masterpiece click HERE
Dianna is a school teacher in one of our local school districts and she teaches ESL or English is a Second Lauguage students. She is an angle in her own rights and I truely feel God has blessed her with her amazing artistic talent. (I thought surely she was an art teacher). I will be back for more of your original artwork for my home. I sure would love a Our Lady of Guadalupe Painting or Original Drawing... Believe me we will be by often and you are on my short list for the holidays.

Thanks to you both and your big hearts My baby had a wonderful 22nd Birthday! YOU both PIF in your own way and you will be rewarded!


Lori Stoia said...

Love your template for your blog.

My story is that back in March I was taking a class at The Nova Studio in Pt. Richmond, CA. I drove my car to the BART Station in Union City. Got on the train to proceed to Richmond.

I got off the train and I was approached by man who needed some $$ for fare. We wanted $10 but I could only spare $2. He said that he would pay me back. I said that we will never meet again. But I asked him to PIF. He had this shocked look on his face.

After the class, I went home and the car infront of me paid my bridge toll. All this time, I paid it forward and someone actually did something for me.

It made my day!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

You are such a sweet gal to do the Pay It Forward. I have heard of it, but wasn't too sure of what it was, and I am glad you got to hear about it making a difference in your area -- and you were the one who showed the way!!!

Shan said...

Amazing PIF story!
How sweet of you! I love that dolly in the pic! She's beautiful!