Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lady Bird. Lady Bird...Or Was it a FlutterBy

Raggedy Ann had a Birthday this week and we are celebrating "Raggedy" all week long!
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By now you know that Raggedy Ann has been a lifeline in my life. From my first memory to the new ones I am making each day Annie is showcased front and centered. One of the first poems I remember learning when I was a little girl went
"Lady Bird,Lady Bird
Fly Away Home.
Your House is on Fire
And your Children all Gone."

Now while i never quite understood the poem it did inspire me to create one of my first Shweet Potato Dolls... Meet LadyBird

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She would love for you to meet her first cousin KRISTAL the Lady Bug
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Kristal lives at Texas A&M with my BFF's daughter who happens to my daughter's BFF.
Now both of these Raggedy Bugs have a distant cousin Love Bug. She loves to hug and hug and has even been known to deliver "Starbucks".
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While on a walk one day in the Spring Chico and I happened upon some odd looking long white objects in the bushes (No not George and Laura although they do live not to far from us) and brought them home. We were amazed when leaving them for a few days in the same room with our other Shweet Bugs we discovered.........
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Wow Raggedy Ann sure likes to change shapes and sizes.
Tomorrow we'll expore her furry past....

Happy Birthday Raggedy Ann and thanks for the memories old and new!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Had to laugh at the idea of W and Laura Bush in a bush!

What darling dolls you "hatched" out of those cocoons!!!