Monday, September 14, 2009

SHAME ON YOU Kanye West!!

Last night this Raggedy Annie Momma was busy finishing up the touches on 16 Mini Raggedy Annies, 12 of which were sent out to new homes today. I watch Big Brother 11 with Keelee and then my level headed one comes running into the living room, grabbed the remote and turned on the VMA (Video Music Awards) where it was dvr'd. Now Kassy likes all kinds of music I guess that comes from having a dad who is a DJ on the weekends. From POP to Rock...Country to Techno she listens and likes it all.

Taylor Swift is a year older than Kassy and Kassy likes and respects her work. We were all appalled to see Kanye West jump up on stage and say the things he did. NOT only was he disrespectful to Taylor Swift, he was disrespectful to all the viewers. I am hearing from Kassy, Keelee and their friends that they will no longer be listening to Mr. Kanye West or buying his CDs. This is not his first drunken rage but it SHOULD be his last one.
Hats off and kudos to Beyonce for the way she handled it all. I have always thought she was one classy gal and this just shows HOW classy she is. What should have been a special night for Taylor Swift and her fans turned into a nightmare we all want to forget.

I know alot of you know that I am deaf but that does not stop me or my big sis from "listening" to music in our own way. Videos and TV has made it possible for the deaf and hearing imparied community to take part in what the hearing folks just take for granted. You can bet that this Raggedy Momma will be turning stations when Mr West has a video on or he is on a show. Maybe if a whole mess of us do this he will understand that he can't act the way he did and just issue a blanket "I'm sorry". It's time that WE as consumers let these out of hand artists know that we won't stand for the disrespect they show others.

Taylor Swift and Beyonce BOTH of you deserve your own special awards!
Classy Gals in Music!

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Lori Stoia said...

Thank you for sharing. I saw the clip of Kanye did on CNN. Shame on him!

Also, shame on the congressmen from South Carolina who yelled out, "You Lie!" at President Obama's speech on Wedneday.

We may not agree with someone else's opinion, but that does not give you the right to be rude!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I read about this! Outrageous! Where has civility gone?