Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall is in the Air Carmel Apples Can't Be Far Behind!

Fall is is the air or some times it is around here in Dallas. IT SHOULD be in the Air anyways! We can always pretend anyways. Today I tried to do a little soaping with some ideas Kassy gave me. Here you can see the steps of our famous (or we hope soon to be famous) Carmel Apples...Soap Ones that is!

Check them out you can actually order simple the Apples whole...9oz worth! YUMMO but remember these are goats milk so wash the hands and body not for the mouth and tummy.
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The second step to making our Carmel Apples is to cut each real size apples into 4 slices. Some folks might want to order a whole Apple pre-sliced for guest soaps. Got ya covered.
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Then who doesn't love a Carmel Apple unless you are me and I can't eat them but I sure love to make them...the soap kind anyways.
Check them out  in just a little bit at the Country Craft Show Online for the Harvest Hoedown...
Our booth is listed under Bath and Body or Just click on the title above and it will take you straight there. But give me a bit to get them ready for the shoppe. I just had to show them off.
From left to right Champagne Apple with Bats and Pumpkins, Apple Martini with Carmel Latte Bits, MacIntosh Apple with Starbucks Chocolate icing and dried Orange Peels
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About 10 oz of Soaping Fun! Each apple will come in it's own cello back tied off with homespun. to use just twist the stick and gently seperate the slices.

Great gifts and HEY Paula Deen sells her Carmel Apples year round so why not Us???


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Those are just amazing. I can't believe they aren't actual dipped eatable apples! Wouldn't they be neat for a present, a hostess gift, or just to really make the holiday special!!!

angiesraggedypatch said...

Love 'em as always!