Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gotta sneek this little goodie in before I head to bed

**Edited on 9-8-08 I have decided that Kassy will pick one name from the folks who commented in here on which soap to send in as our entry and we will be sending YOU one FREE Bar or Bon Bon of soap. So please let us know what you think and maybe you will win too.~ Shweet Sandi~***

Ya'll know I love my dollie but Kassy works side by side with me to create fun and unqiue melt and pour soaps. Well one of the Etsy Teams we are on has a challenge this month create soaps that are based on BON BONS and BOOZE. Our Soaps have to have chocolate and booze scent in them. Now I need YOUR Help in choosing which one to submit. I must admit we made up 6 different once but we are only going to show off 3 of them here. One i need to retake the pictures but you can get the drift ...wink

Okay first is our Chocolate Ramkin Filled with Champage and Champagne Strawberries - We Need a good name, so help me out too cause these babies will be on etsy soon.
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Second we have Bon Bon and Booze -I will be retaking the pictures on this one tomorrow. Each bon bon is made from chocolate goats milk soap with a glycerin strawberry inside. Then they were hand dipped in shea butter soap scented with champagne. Look we even show you one cut open. You will receive 3 per order in a bon bon box. Two pictures for you one upclose at an open bon bon
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com
Then the set of three on a tray but i need to retake the picture

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Third has to be my favortie Chocolate Margaritas Soap Bar. Each bar has 3 layers. The bottom layer is made from starbucks chocolate and goatsmilk soap...with a touch of fresh cinnamon (like in Mexico) middle layer is green lime glycerin soap, the top layer is clear glycerin soap that in infused with Sauza... that is Tequila Blanco. Now no Margaritas would be complete without salt and lime so the lime on the side has a hint of salt in the glycerin and of course lime essential oils. You can smell the Tequila and lime and Mexican hot chocolate base...YUMMO makes me wish i could drink one (but alais no can do with all the meds I am on.)
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

So If you could only enter one soap in our SafeTeam Challenge which would it be? Sorry to be a hurring ya along but I need to know ASAP like by Tuesday early evening so I don't miss this month's Challenge.

So now wish me luck as i try to add the pictures to my blog via the html page...

Okay comment and let me know you favorites 1...2...3 and help me name that chocolate bowl of strawberries and champagne.
(Coming soon to etsy the other 3 that I did not put out for you too see. HUGE 9 oz real size Apples 1 covered in champagne and One covered in Chocolate Bourbon and one apple martini covered in Dark Chocolate. Each apple makes 4 bars for you to use to give as gifts...... Gonna come by my etsy shoppe on Sept 10 to see all of my new bon Bon and Booze Soaps.


Sunshines*Creations said...

Oh Sandi these are so hard to choose from..I'm torn...

Chocolate and Champagne Dreams.. for the first ones name ?!?..

But I think I have to choose the Margarita, for the Challenge...


Daizy Donna said...

Ewww, Sandi, They are so Yummy looking!!!
How bout Strawberry Bubbly Bath for your Champage soap?
I totally love the Bob Bons, Geeez, theres lotsa work in them, Them look so good!!
Great job Sandi!!!
Good luck in the challenge :)
oh... Yippee on your email fight with Yahoo!!!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh gosh, all 3 of the kinds look great, it's very hard to pick. In terms of unique look I think the Bon Bons and the Champagne and Strawberries in the ramekin are incredible, in terms of what I immediately thought of buying the Margarita was tops!!!

For the name of the Champagne and Strawberries -- I am drawing a blank, maybe "Berry Bubbly"?

Good luck, your daughter is really talented.

Joann said...

I like the Chocolate Margaritas Soap Bar

Sassy Soaps N Such N Always Crafty 2 said...

Thanks I think I will pick one person who comments and give away a bar of soap or bon bon or two

Dragonfly Treasure said...

OMG! So hard, they are all amazing! The Bon Bons are so unique! Great for gift giving. Goodluck with the Challenge!

How about Bobbing Berry?

Jessica @ Colorado Crafter said...

All three are really creative, you have great ideas! I think you should enter the bon bons.