Thursday, September 3, 2009

PFATT Fall Giveaway

OH I hate not being able to show off pictures on my blog and hopefully YAHOO will get my ISP issue fixed so they will stop limiting me in what I can do. You all know I am not a spammer but for some reason YAHOO who is the hardest folks to contact and connet with have not released my yahoo account and thus are messing with a whole lot of stuff I do online.
So I want to share with you a Fall GiveAway and you need to go over and and comment to get in on the prizes...or maybe not they are so good I hope my name gets pulled for one of them.

Let's see if i can post my favorite of the prizes if not below it will be up above
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I'm so sneaky! I went into html and it let me post the code!
I got around Yahoo YIPPPPPE.
Come over and comment and get your name in for the drawing on Sept 8

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Yay, that's the way, beat ol' Yahoo at their own game! Both Yahoo and Gmail have been crazy lately! What is going on?!!!

Gosh, that giveaway sounds wonderful and I'm going over there now!!!