Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sweet Smell of Burning Rubbermaid in the mornings

What a strange week this has been. Sunday was a day that my family just wants to forget.... AND Cowboy Fans Do TOO.

Monday I woke up to the fact that I could no longer see out of my left eye. Okay grab the info on the new med Plaquenil and read side effects before I begin to panic. Take a deep breathe it IS one of hte possible side effects so that means I have to deal with it til my body adjusts. Sewing will be tricky but I'll make it happen you know me. Besides when one works in primitive style what is a missed stitch here or there.
Last night was massive lightening and rain storm that brought in wonderful fall coolness....reminds me of September back home in Tennessee.

This morning started off great too at 5:30am BANG then another BANG.... sounded like a cannon ball falling onto the ceiling. Seems the new neighbors upstairs have a unique alarm clock. Let me just say it was loud enough to wake a Deaf lady up and not just wake me up I SHOT UP out of bed. Of course so did my wonderful husband of 20 years.

Okay we get up and start the day can't go back to sleep at this point. He starts ironing his shirt and I make some coffee to try to get some of the foggy out of my head and of course take those meds that allow me to walk into the living room each day. Daddy goes off to work and Momma decides she wants to make breakfast for her little girl cub Kassy. So first she has to empty the dishwasher and since she can't bend down to put away the rubbermaid container she places it on the stove top. Momma has fibro fog and short term memory issues so she forgot she placed the BIG PLASTIC Bowl on one of the burners. She gets out the skillet and turns on the burner to get the pan nice and hot for Kassy's bacon...you see where this is going don't ya. Momma bear turns around to get the bacon and smells this weird smell....... the kitchen fills up with smoke.... OKAY where is it coming from? Window is closed so neighbors aren't smoking us out again from their grill.... hand over skillet why is it not getting hot... look to the back burner smoke coming from THERE! YES I turned on the wrong burner and melted the rubbermaid container to the burner and catcher. OMG the worst smell but of course Momma Bear has to get the container off of the burner and it was HOT! got it off....... Put the burner and catcher thing underneath it into the sink and turned on the water. Put chico into Momma's bedroom, opened all the windows and doors and then looked at what is left of the container.
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Okay what is the moral to this story? Heck I don't know other than I need Poppa Bear to make BIG FRONT---REAR NOTES FOR THE STOVE and MAN burnt plastic sure does STINK!

So Momma Bear is taking her one good eye over to the recliner and finish her Candy Corn Doll and fingers crossed her Shweet Skully too. Just depends on what gets done before all the new shows come on tonight. One can only DVR so much. OH I need to watch "House" so bye for now!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh you poor thing!!! I am so glad you were not hurt nor your daughter nor Chico.

I actually do have GREAT BIG LABELS on my stove burner knobs -- I have the BACK ones labeled on each side, on a piece of tape and a Sharpie in black to write the word "BACK." Otherwise I am burning up things accidentally!!!

Here's hoping the rest of the week will be BETTER for you!!!

angiesraggedypatch said...

There really isnt a smell like that is there?
glad your are ok though :)

Jessica @ Colorado Crafter said...

I hope today was better!!

Hubby melted a white plastic cutting board on a burner not that long ago. Oh what a mess! We had to replace the burner because I could not get the plastic off. Good thing he can get them for free from his job!