Monday, October 19, 2009

Come by and Vote for my favorite Alice in Wonderland Character Soap

It's a simple story of a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole.
It was first told to three little girls (so legend has it) while on traveling five miles in a row boat...Silly little girl that Alice. She should have minded her maners!! She should pay more attention to what she should be doing...not the silly little rabbit. But alas, that pesky hole! What happens next you ask...
Well, the story has been interpreted by so many people, in so many mediums. Now we ask the SAFE team to show us thier interpretations...what is our medium...errrr, SOAP of course!!

This Cheshire Cat Soap is made up of 3 different soaps and took a few steps to create. This soap is created in layers inside of a large cookie cutter, so that you can see his wonderful big white smile and black and yellow eyes. In the background we choose to use the pink and purple colors he liked to turn. We used clear glycerin soap, coconut glycerin soap and goats milk soap.

Only the purple layer is scented. What scent you ask? Well since we truly believe that Mr Carroll himself took a few bong hits (or something stronger perhaps ) when he wrote Alice in Wonderland , this soap is a nice 70's hash brownie scent. Yes it has a wonderful dark chocolate brownie fragrance with a touch of Mary Jane (pot that is).

If you like this soap please post a comment in the Safe Team Blog
Hurry the voting ends on Friday and one lucky poster will get a bar of the winning soap!

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