Friday, March 20, 2009

Proud to be an American

I am so proud to be an American. Times are tough right now and they will be for a while. Things don't simply change overnight ya know. Took a while for our country to get the way it is and it will take a while for it to swing back on top.

I am so proud to live in this country where folks help each other. Where our country helps other countries. As many of you know my Jamie is in the US Army and stationed at Ft Drum NY. He has a wife and 3 wonderful, beautiful children one of which i have never seen in person. I am praying that they will make it down to Texas in 09 so I can meet Bella in person. I am so proud of Jamie and all my brothers who took time out of thier lives to serve our country. I used to laugh cause we had Army, Navy and Marines just missed out on the Air Force (my brothers).

My dearest online friend whom I hope to meet face to face soon sent me this touching email and video. Being proud to be an American could not be shown any clearer than what she says and what the video shows.

To anyone wondering if Americans
don't care about their country or the soldiers fighting.

A teacher at the Middle School in Chanute has a son
that flies in the same "squadron" as this soldier.
This young man's helicopter collided with
another helicopter in Iraq .
4 soldiers died as a result.

The loss of these 4 soldiers did not make TV news! The
teacher's son, who was not involved in the accident,
asked his Mom and Dad to attend his buddy's funeral
since he could not come home to attend.

This is what happened in this particular young man's
hometown of Cameron Missouri last Saturday 02/07/09.
Life in a small town is different sometimes.

This funeral was set to be protested by a radical church group from Kansas that actually stand at the funerals of our fallen troops, When the community learned of it, flyers, emails and phone call were sent out asking anyone with a flag to come and show support for this family.
The church members arrived in Cameron and stayed all of about 15 minutes before seeing that their 250 mile trip was a bad idea.

This is such a nice tribute, please take time to watch it.... This could be any of our sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. Angie thanks for sharing this with me.

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Diana said...

Thank You for sharing this, Sandi, that was just beautiful...brought tears to my eyes..

I agree...instead of people turning against one another in these tough times, people should realize that what has taken years to create, will take longer than a few months to remedy..We all need to support our new Presidency, and Government, and Support the Men and Women who have fought to give us our freedom..