Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break Fun

Monday was the start of our last Spring Break as high school parents. Olivia my neice who is in the 1st grade came over the spend the day. Uncle Marty and Olivia made fun felt creations in the morning while I rested with my constant headache. Then they picked up Kassy and her guy Jose and headed out to White Rock Lake for an afternoon for fishing. They did not have a nibble but had a blast. Olivia told me they fed the ducks, watched birds and looked for turtles.
When they came home Olivia and I settled in for some sewing time!
For a 1st grader this girl has some sewing mojo.
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We decided to create some of our own dolls styled after the "Ugly" dolls. Ours are made from tea towels and we decided to call them Ogly Dolls after Miss Olivia. We made up 4 dolls and she left one for me.
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I love this fun and funky one eyed Ogly Bunny!

Then Olivia decide she needed to make a turtle. She picked out the fabrics and traced the patterns. I guided the sewing machine and she held down the machine foot to make it go. Then she cut around the sewn area and turned it inside out. Olivia did all the stuffing and she even sewed up the stuffing holes. The hardest thing about one of my turtles is hand quilting the shell. She went right to work and made that shell perfect.
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Right as Olivia was sewing the shell onto the body her mom came so she had to finish and head to their home. I invited her back later in the week to make Easter and Spring soaps!

While Olivia and I were sewing away Kassy and Jose were out shopping for her Prom Dress. Not only did she get a WOW of a dress she got a bargin too.
Check out my beautiful baby!
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So hard to believe my baby is a senior and heading off to college in August!!!
Harder to believe i will be 50 in 2 months!!!

Well off to work on some new patterns! Remember to follow our blog you never know what you will see here!


Diana said...

Olivia looks so sweet...and KASSY just gets prettier every time I see her...you have every right to be proud..

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Looks like Olivia is going to take after her Aunt Sandi! Kassy's dress is beautiful!

Liz said...

Olivia is creative. Kassy is a beautiful a doll!!!

Alice said...

Sandi, Olivia is adorable and kassy is a beauty! so nice of her to get a bargain prom dress too. I am sorry you had such an awful headache, hope you are feeling better now. the oglee dolls are so cool!

angiesraggedypatch said...

I loooooooooove that you got to spend that kinda time with your neice. Mine are too far away :(

Thanks so much for sharing the pics
and you already know what I think of your Kassy!
Such a beauty :)