Saturday, May 30, 2009

Graduation 2009

WOW MY youngest graduated today and I sure did cry a tear or two. I am so proud of her! Actually proud of both girls. When you have severe dyslexia and you graduate cum laude I think you deserve a HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE and MORE!

Kassy is not only my baby, she is also the brains behind Sassy Soaps N Such and the one who listens to me babble about dolls and designs all day long. She gets to listen to mom more than anyone other than Chico I guess. I think that Kassy has been effected the most with mom's health issues and lossing my hearing and she is the one who has adjusted the best. She is never embrassed about me and is always telling her friends how she loves doing things with me. I have to tell you I think I am a better mom and friend than mine was and that was my goal.

Both Keelee and Kassy have made me proud and we wanted to share some snaps from today's special day.
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Our NEW Family Photo

Kassy with her young man Jose
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Kassy and her Grandma Sue and Godmother Linda
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Kassy with Olivia a future WT White graduate in 2021...Her grandma, mom and cousins all went through the hollowed halls of White!
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Last but not least THIS Is how I see my precious daughter
Sassy and
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Today my heart bleed Orange and White and my tears were full of JOY!
I can't wait to see what the future holds for my baby and I know her list is long and full and she will accomplish each and ever item on that list!

Today we were blessed to have both Grandpa Frank and Grandma Martha there in spirit. MOre on those special blessings later in the week.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Congratulations to the graduate!!! Kassy has Beauty AND Brains -- you are a lucky mom, my dear! And a good one, too, it's easy to tell how much you love your girls!

Diana said...

Oh Sandi...she is so beautiful, inside and out, and for that you should truly be proud, what a wonderful young lady she has become...both of your girls are beautiful, and such wonderful human beings..TY for sharing, you have a beautiful family!! HUGS, Diana

DaizyDonna said...

Aww Sandi, What a beautiful family you have! Congrats to the graduate, I can tell you are so proud of her!!