Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shweet Gothic

As many of you know I am so in love with the graphic style of Carm with Shweet Potato Designs.
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This weekend I decided to take her graphic style to heart and designed a new doll that I hope she will create into a graphic soon. This is based on one of my favorite tv shows from my teens..."THE ADAM'S FAMILY".
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On Wednesday's for the past 2 years my daughers and I have done something little in our community to bring a smile to someone's face. We called it out Pay It Forward Wednesdays. So this is out little mascot for our PIF Wednesdays. You will be able to see ideas on how you can PIF in your community every Wednesday at our Shweet Potato Dolls Blog. Just look for the Wednesday Doll where we will offer some ideas.
Wednesday will be up for adoption on our Shweet Potato Dolls blog soon as well as an e-pattern for you to create your own little Shweet Gothic Raggedy.

Everyone have a great Memorial Day and please take a moment out of your day to say "Thanks" to those who gave their lives so we CAN live free!


Liz said...

You are doing really nice work!!!

shweetpotato said...

I wonder how I would draw braids? hmmm will have to think

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.