Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memories of a Hero

Both my grandpa's as well as my father in law where vets. My dad could not serve because he was deaf in one ear. BUT all 5 of my brothers have served in one branch or another...1 marine, 1 navy, 3 Army one is still Very active duty.

We went to the cementary yesterday to place some flags by Marty's Dad's crypt and we took our little Chico with us. (MY hearing ear dog who is 6 pound chi).
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Kassy commented that she wondered how Chico would react as dogs are known to see spirits. WEll when we walked thru the first crypt area he was softly talking.. not a whimper or cry but like he was talking. Kassy decided to walk him outside the area were grandpa is.

When Marty and I came out Chico walked up to the glass door and refused to move. So we opened the door and away he went (on his lease of course). He walked passed the asile where dad is intombed and kassy said that he stoped half way down the next asile, turned around and belted to right in front on dad's place on the wall. Chico who doesn't jump high, bounded up onto the bench and sat staring at Dad's marker. HE layed down, flipped over on his belly like he always did for dad to rub him and then started his "talking".
After about 5 minutes (We stood in amazement) Chico got down and quitely walked to the door to go to grandma's house.
When we got to grandma's house (Marty's mom we were visiting his dad's tomb), Chico walked up to her and did not jump on her he layed at her feet and rubbed her ankles with his head. Softly talking to her also just like at the tomb.
Kassy told grandma what had happened when we went to visit grandpa and she silently cried. Hugged chico and us and told Chico thanks for letting her know that dad was still with us. I have chills right now thinking about how speical it was yesterday. AND to top it off... the time was 3pm when this happened. The time that we asked everyone to STOP and silently thank those who went before us so we could be free. WOW

This is one of my favorite picture of Dad with my hubby and one of his brothers
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I love it so much because i can easily replace the boys with my 2 girls sitting on grandpa's knees listening to him talk about WWII and life on the farm and growing up in Dallas. I miss him every day as he became my Dad when I had his granddaughter Keelee then later married his son. He always accepted me as one of his kids even before we married.
I miss talking about gardening and his flowers. I miss our funny little slow walks in the block but mainly I just miss Dad,
Kassy took pictures yesterday of some of the flowers she planted with her grandpa. They are amazingly beautiful just like Kassy. Several years ago Kassy helped grandpa plant some of their favorite flowers Lilies. These lilies have always bloomed in yellow with a touch of orange at the base. Yesterday Kassy walked to the back garden area and looked to see if they had bloomed this Spring and to her amazement they had bloomed but NOT in YELLOW as every year before ... they are the color of her high school orange
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She told everyone " Grandpa was showing me he will be with me next Saturday at my graduation, just like he promised he would be."

Yesterday as everyday was special for my family. I truely believe that our family and friends who have passed do come and visit with us and YESTERDAY showed everyone else what we knew in our hearts. OH there are the lights flickering "Morning Dad happy to see you are here with me"........


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

That is an amazing story! I am not surprised, though, as I have seen my beloved brother since he passed. Unless it happens to you, you don't believe it! At least no one can accuse Chico of "just wanting" to see a spirit! A dog cannot make things up!

Sassy Soaps N Such N Always Crafty 2 said...

That is so true and i know my mom and "dad" come to visit often. Mom likes to move my craft supplies around from room to room and before Dad passed I asked him to "dim the lights" when he comes to visit, He did that right away at his rosary when Brian was speaking for the family about Dad. So wonderful to know they are still with us!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.