Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sure is hot time for some Cool Creations

WOW it is really a strange day. Weird emails and couple "Super Stars" are having issues.
Boy remember watching Charlie's Angels and saying a little prayer for Farrah... How many of you gals had that "famous" hair cut? Not me I liked the shorter hair so I had the Dorthy Hamel wedge.

WOW just confirmed Michael Jackson who was my age...passed away. Things come in threes and we lost 3 ICONS this week....

Well woke up with the backache again week now in a row and the Internist told Marty I just need to use hot and cold on it and come in July 16. Think it is time to visit the ER... Not sure who else to go too. While I can't stand up straight I can sit so I have been working on some "Cooler" creations. Christmas in July creations.

Lemon Poppy Seeds is holding a Christmas in July theme for July so here is one of my new ones I will be listing tonight.... Created from my Flying Fairy Pattern just grubbied up.
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AND Age*Before*Beauty or AB4B on eBay our July 1-4 Launch Theme is Christmas in July and here is just ONE of the creations I have ready for it. It is also made from my Flying Fairy Pattern. So many ways you can make this pattern up.
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Well better get back into the recliner and stuff some more. Stay cool and let's hope this week calms down.

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Your new Ginger is just the cutest thing, and so is your peppermint fairy! I just love yr creations.

I am sorry to hear about yr back and the lack of care it is getting. I am shocked; I thought the Dallas area had more go-getters of doctors, does ANY place have doctors that take people's pain seriously? It is a crying shame for people to be given far-away appointments when they are in pain.

angiesraggedypatch said...

The M. Jackson thing is crazy! That was the first tape I had.. and I didnt even have a cassette I could only play it in the car. Boy did my parents love that!
he will be missed!


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Love your prim fairy Sandi!