Saturday, April 18, 2009

My baby is at her Prom

WOW where has 13 years gone too? Seems like just yesterday I was dropping her off for kinder and crying in the hallway...she didn't she went straight in and meet who was to become her best friend of 13 years. It was a wonderful day at a wonderful elementary cause I also meet my best friend Cecilia who is Kassy's best friend Krystal's mom.

13 years and 3 schools later the girls have remained tight as ever. Strange to think that after graduation on May 30 they will go their seperate ways. Krystal to Texas A&M and Kassy... well we are praying for TWU.
Today was so much fun...once again getting ready for the big dance but bitter sweet too.
Here are the best friends and their boyfriends who surprisingly named the same name..JOSE and they are best home boys too.
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Hard to believe my Sassy Kassy is all grown up....well she's 18 but on her way to becoming quite a beautiful and talented woman.
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One of the sad things about today is her grandpa is not here to be with her and wish her well. I reminded her that Grandpa is watching her from above. She did go and share her special day with her Grandma Sue
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And her God Mother...Aunt Linda
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Well it's 8:00 time for the prom so mom will just sit here and rememeber all the fun times we had together. I know she will get to enjoy the experience that I missed out on and can't wait to hear all the details in the morning.

Makes you want to go and hugs your little ones doesn't get? Go grab them and kiss them. Tell them it's because they won't be little for long.

Til Tomorrow..

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WillowtreeTreasures said...

Kassy is a beautiful young woman! wish her well with her future plans! I remember when my son was 18 I had a terrible time thinking they would be starting out their life and quickly was replaced by the woman he will be marrying this June ....when they both went to the same college. He now is a teacher in a intermediate unit based out of Altoona and has been there for two years this year! His girlfriend is graduating this May with her masters in dietetics .Time does go by so quickly ...but somehow feels like a train has run over you just as they are making final plans that will effect them the rest of their lives when they are going off to college, or whatever they plan to do with the fast approaching financial resposibilites to become independant approaches. Don't worry mom things do get easier as time passes...she will do fine with anything she takes on! Congrats on her upcoming highschool graduation!