Saturday, April 25, 2009

This little piggie went to market..........

It’s Saturday and we woke up to a beautiful Texas morning. Hopped out of bed and got ready to head to my first BIG Gun Show at Dallas Market Hall. Marty and I had our day all planned out. Go to the Gun Show then head to the Farmer’s Market for fresh veggies for the week. WELL, best made plans always seem to head in another direction don’t they? We pull into the parking lot at Market Hall and the line of folks heading into the show snaked all around the parking lot. NO LIE …there had to have been 500 people in line if not more. Well, turn the truck around and head to downtown Dallas to the Farmer’s Market. It was perfect!

The weather was nice and cool and not to many folks. We strolled around deciding on what we wanted and what I could eat. It was sure hard to pass up the fresh beef stake tomatoes but my stomach can’t handle them right now. RATZ! We did make 2 new friends while at the Market. Savory Sorbet and Round Rock Honey!
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Savory Sorbet grabbed my attention not just because it was something different I got to taste but because all the flavors of her sorbet where the same scents that I use in my soaps! Marty and I tried Lavender Sorbet and loved it. BUT the one I tried and had to take home with me (made it as far as the truck) was chamomile and orange. It not only tasted great it made my tummy feel good too. Linn Madsen is the owner and she visits several local Farmer’s Market with her sorbet. She has a website but it’s not up right now.
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The other treasure we found was local wildflower HONEY! I hate honey. Did not want to even taste it but man was I glad I did! Based in McKinney Texas this honey is made from bees who feast on our Texas wildflowers. Their website is beautiful and their honey is yummy! We brought some home with us and it was perfect in my mug of tea!

Now we did make it to the Gun Show and had a blast. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. Right now I need to go and finish my Hunter Joe and Jill Shweet Potato Dolls. They have been sitting nekkkkkked all day long and are asking for their hunting clothes to be made. Need to get the kids made up and listed so I can make me some money to book our first Hunting Trip. Marty and I want to head to East Texas to hunt our Thanksgiving Dinner….. We are planning a Hog Hunting Trip. More about that tomorrow.
Until then have a great night!

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