Friday, July 17, 2009

Nekked Dollie Swap Today is the Last Day to sign up

NEKKKKKED DOLLLLLLLLIE SWAP! This swap is going to be so much fun!

Want to get in on it? Today Friday the 17th is the last day to sign up to swap NEKKKKKED DOLLIES!

Here is the scoop:

Okay...we, in Ol Country Home forum, have decided to host a Nakie Dolly Swap/Challenge on Blogger, hopefully more people will participate this way, and we will get some interest in our forum as well.....

Sign ups are from tonight, thru next Friday..July 10-17if you are interested please email me : PLEASE put "Nakie Swap" in the subject line..
I will need:Mailing name and address, and if you would be willing to ship outside of the USA or from an other country to USA..
What this will entail: YOU sew a dolly body..minimum size is 8 inches, Maximum is 14 inches..
You must sew it out of muslin or a similar fabric..the body must include: head, arms, feet, all sewn,and stuffed.. NO GLUING please..
This dolly will be naked, and left to the other person you send her to for decoration, dresses, etc..All you will send is the dolly body, nothing else.
Please package her nicely, and include a small note for your swap recipient.. Dolly's must be sent with delivery Confirmation..or some sort of tracking number so we can find her if need be.
Once everyone gets her swap partner, I will then post the date we will all be sending them..this will probably be a 2 week limit, to make the dolly, stuff and ship..then you will email me as you receive the dolls, with a picture of the naked one you received..I will email all of the details to you as we go along..after everyone has finished putting the details on her dolly, another 2 week goal, we will all share our pictures once again..
After this, I will put up a voting poll, for most original, most prim, and best all prizes, but fun to see who will win!!!
I may have one of my graphic friends help me with prizes, that could be fun!!Anyhow, let's have some fun with this...the more the merrier...Please, as with all swaps, if you cannot commit the time, please do not sign up :) Blessings, Diana

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