Sunday, July 26, 2009

Guns and Shweet Dolls

Had a blast the past 2 days. Headed to the gun show in Mesquite for some "us" time just me and the hunny. The gun show as a blast. Big enough to have plenty to see but not to big as to be over crowed. The AC was pumping and so were the guns and rifles. After searching for about 3 hours and most likely handling every gun in the joint we found me a 22 Pistol. While I was there I ran into this gal who makes the most AWESOME cowgirl attire. The jewlery was beautiful from stones to metals. The belts were covered in bling and have to say wish i was Kassy's size to wear some of the tees she had!

You can see some of her creations on her online store but she assures me there will be more added all the time. Split Skirts & Side Saddles is the place to visit if you are ever close to Terrell Texas. Her address is 404 W Moore Ave Terrell Texas. Now her website can be found here....

My understanding is she heads out to alot of the Rodeo Shows around here so if you are at a Rodeo look for her booth.

Today we took my new pistol and headed to the gun range. WOW! I've been shooting with the 22 rifle but I do SO LOVE the 22 pistol. Just for fun I shot off ONE round from Marty's 9m HHigh Point and let's just say I will leave the BIG GUNS to him. I also learned that If you don't hold the gun up high enough the casing can rickashade off the wall and hit you in the neck. Hot shell casings do STICK to skin and they do burn! Told Marty I know have my "battle scar".

Had a blast... Although I do wonder... If I am deaf and I wear ear plugs in the range and can still "hear" the blasts...what do hearing people hear with thier ear plugs in.

Dang it was loud or maybe it was the feelings from the guns. BUT MAN IT IS SURE FUN and a great way to get rid of the stress from the week!
And don't ya know shooting round of ammo off gave me inspiration for several new dolls!
So off to work on some patterns and dolls
Gotta to post the bingo words for Rusty Tin Roof
Have a Shweet Day!


angiesraggedypatch said...

I know there are a lot of anti gun people out there, but in all honesty, if you learn about guns and gun safety,and are responsible, guns are fun. We live in an area where hunting is the norm( and yep! I've even shot a 10 point buck) and have never known a home with out guns.
I am glad you have found a hobby you enjoy! It really can be family time too. We all hunt and there are several shooting teams around here too.
some of the high school girls have even gotten scholarships!
You should check into skeet shooting!
so sorry you got burned though. I bet that did hurt!
looking forward ot pics of you on the range!

Sassy Soaps N Such N Always Crafty 2 said...

Angie you are so right about guns and people. My brothers are all having a laughfest about me shooting the 22 rife and pistol at the range cause i was the one who SWORE NO GUNS in my house. One of my brothers gave Marty a 22 rifle and he got into hunting with the guys at work. He took me to the range and i loved it and is something I can do even with my limitations.
So new hobby and one that can really get rid of stress. Course the guys all tease him about me going with him cause it is suppose to be their "MEN TIME".
My goal is to be able to control my body pain enough to go hunting. I would love to hunt for my own Thanksgiving Turkey.
As for the burn... it hurt like heck when it happened but after air and water on it...stopped hurting. Now i have a little burn mark the size of a 22 casing...
Kind cool ready...guess my own kind of Tattoo.

Skeet shooting will come after I get some range of motion back in my left shoulder. PT gal thinks I have a pitcher's shoulder... torn rotator cuff. If i do I have had it for over 15 yrs. Just one of those things that the good ole drs dismissed as fibromyligia pain.
HUGS off to PIF Wednesdays

Liz said...

Sandi thank you so much for the lovely poem and your kind words. I really loved it!!!!!You are so special to me!