Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PIF or Pay It Forward Wednesdays

In my family we have adopted PIF Wednesdays. Each of us does one or more things on Wednesdays to help out others in a little way.This Wednesday I would love to PIF to you prim gals in you may choose ONE of my e-patterns to receive for FREE. This offer is open to EVERYONE til MIDNIGHT tonight. Just email me at with your choice of e-pattern and I will email it back to you. You can find them at on my website Always Crafty 2 under e-patterns or Click Here.

I would also love to challenge each and every one of you out there to pick a day of the week and you and your family do something nice for someone when they totally don't expect it.

It has been such and blessing and you don't have to spend money either. Last week I took a note upstairs to the LOUD Neighbors and Just said HI Hope you and your family are having a nice and wonderful summer. I had my mil translate it to Spanish and did not sign it. Just left it on the little clip by their front door. I don't know if they acted on it or not but it has sure been a lot less stomping and noice from up there.

Love to hear from any of your PIF days

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Lori Stoia said...

This is my pay it forward story:

Back in March 2009 I was taking a class at The Nova Studio in Richmond, CA.

I took BART (Public Transit Train) to the Richmond Bart Station. I was approached by a man who needed assistance with $10 to take the train. I told him that I could not give him $20 but I gave him $2 (I needed to get back myself).

He said he would pay me back. I said that would never happen because I rarely am up this way. But I asked him he could pay it forward to some who needed help. He said ok.

So I went to class and returned to the Union City Bart Station. I got into my car and travel to take the Dumbarton Bridge back home.

As I approached the bridge there was a line to pay the toll. I was wondering why it was taking so long. It should not take very long since it was 5 pm on a weekend.

When it was my turn to pay my toll, the toll taker told me that my toll was paid by the car infront of me.

I could not catch up to the gray Nissan SUV to thank him, but thank you whoever you are.

SO PIF works....