Sunday, April 20, 2008

Check out my new siggie

I am so excited. Carm at made up this cutie and she gave me okay to make her up as a dollie! Soon i will be opening a blog for Always Crafty 2 and will let ya know when we get it set up.

Week 3 on Kyani is wonderful. Sleeping more and more each night and my psorias is getting much much better. Another wonderful by product of this amazing juice and omega 3 pills is my hair is not following out like it usually does!
YIPPPPPPPE. can't wait to see what the dr says when i visit him this week. Check it out on my hubby's site

talk to you tomorrow. Gotta get that counter fixed says no one is visiting but we know you are :)

Sandi, Sassy Kassy and Keelee

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