Friday, April 11, 2008

An angel in need...

Hi everyone we wanted to tell you about this little angel that goes to Sassy Kassy's high school here in Dallas. This family needs help and we want to try to help them if we can.

Always Crafty 2 and Sassy Soaps N Such will be donating 100% of all our sales April 10 - May 30 to Jasmine Soriano fund here in Dallas. Jasmine is a senior at WT White High School here in Dallas.

Jasmine Soriano, one of our Seniors has been diagnosed with Cancer. She comes from a single parent home and has a 9 year old sister.

Jasmine is currently in the hospital and her family is incurring a lot of medical bills. Her mother has returned to work recently, but is struggling to be in two places at one time and trying to take care of her family.

The community and our student body, particularly the Class of 2008 has done a remarkable job of responding to their classmate’s needs with their generosity and caring. As always I am proud to be part of this school and community. Jasmine is a wonderful young woman. She came to our school speaking very little English, but has worked hard and is currently enrolled in several AP classes.

We also would ask that you add Jasmine and her family to your prayer list.

This week Jasmine’s mother opened a checking account at Washington Mutual Bank on the corner of Marsh and Forest so that contributions for Jasmin can be deposited there. Anyone is welcome to contribute monies to this account and can send their contributions directly to the bank to be deposited in the account in her mother’s name. The name on the account is Claudia Jimenez, with Jasmin as a beneficary.
The address to this bank is

If contributors would like to have a tax deductible receipt for their donations, please feel free to send monetary donations to one of three organizations at W. T. White and they will give you a receipt. Checks need to be made out to W. T. White Jasmin Soriano Fund. The address at the school is:
W T White High School
4505 Ridgeside Dr.

Dallas, TX 75244

These organizations will be issuing checks to be deposited to Ms. Jimenez’s account periodically. The organizations and their sponsors are:

Future Teachers – Ms. Gage

Key Club – Mr. Tjachyadi (Mr. T)

Baby Bulls – Ms. Syverson
Please note on the envelope for Jasmine Soriano fund and if you would like a tax deductible receipt for your donation include that with a note and your address.

We send our thanks to you for reading this and for all your prayers for this child and her family.
Sandi, Keelee, Marty and Sassy Kassy

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